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wellness unpacked with Ella Mills
wellness unpacked with Ella Mills
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Ella asks guests ‘what are your 3 pieces of advice for a better life’ and then unpacks a wellness trend of the... more

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How to cultivate healthy relationships, attachment theory and bone broth with Jessica Baum

I’m joined by psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author, Jessica Baum. Jessica’s work is focused on developing a meaningful connection with... more

04 Oct 2022 · 59 minutes
Manifesting, creating your dream life and adaptogenic mushrooms with Roxie Nafousi

I’m joined by self-development coach, manifesting expert, and author, Roxie Nafousi. Roxie turned her life around by practising manifestation and... more

27 Sep 2022 · 59 minutes
How to lead a more fulfilled life, let go of ‘perfection’ and the power of a daily gratitude practice with Sarah Stein Lubrano

I’m joined by Sarah Stein Lubrano from The School of Life, a global organisation of psychologists, philosophers and writers dedicated to helping... more

20 Sep 2022 · 54 minutes
How to beat stress, build resilience and the lowdown on collagen with Dr Sam Akbar

I’m joined by clinical psychologist, trauma expert and author, Dr Sam Akbar. From understanding how your brain works and challenging your... more

13 Sep 2022 · 57 minutes
Habits to live to 100, Blue Zones and cold showers with Dan Buettner

I’m joined by National Geographic explorer, longevity expert and author, Dan Buettner. Dan’s work centres on reverse-engineering the lifestyles of... more

06 Sep 2022 · 49 minutes
Working with your body, finding courage and celery juice with Hazel Wallace

I’m joined by Dr Hazel Wallace, medical doctor, registered nutritionist (ANutr), best-selling author and founder of The Food Medic. Hazel... more

30 Aug 2022 · 49 minutes
How to sleep well, reducing cravings and matcha versus coffee with Russell Foster

I’m joined by Russell Foster CBE, one of the most prominent sleep experts globally and professor of circadian neuroscience at... more

23 Aug 2022 · 53 minutes
How to change habits, taking life off hold and mindful eating with Shahroo Izadi

I’m joined by behavioural change expert and author Shahroo Izadi. After working in addiction treatment within the criminal justice system,... more

16 Aug 2022 · 52 minutes
Caffeine, the untapped potential of plants and intermittent fasting with Michael Pollan

To kick off the new podcast, I’m joined by acclaimed author and journalist Michael Pollan. Michael is widely known for... more

09 Aug 2022 · 40 minutes

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08 Aug 2022 · 4 minutes
wellness unpacked with Ella Mills
How to cultivate healthy relationships, attachment theory and bone broth with Jessica Baum
wellness unpacked with Ella Mills