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The Light Inside
The Light Inside
Jeffrey Besecker

Join us, on the adventures. The tales. And the search for truths. As we explore the people. The stories. That guide us... more

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Moving into Confidence: Learn to Walk through Fear and Into Purpose with Lucia DiVieste Severtson

Fear imprisons our minds and blinds us to hope and possibility. Today our mission is to guide you in crossing the bridge... more

08 Apr 2021 · 59 minutes
Releasing Shame: Embracing Resiliency to See Our True Self.

The greatest thing we can have is a balanced and healthy sense of self. But shame often can clutter up... more

25 Mar 2021 · 57 minutes
How to Leverage Neuroscience To Achieve More Effective Goals with Purdeep Sangha

There are certain truisms, when examined- which provide great insight into the very deep and evolving nature of life. Vision, after... more

23 Mar 2021 · 42 minutes
Discovering Your Emotional Set Point to Uncover Hidden Traumas with Amanda Webster

Our Emotional Guidance System has a wide range of emotions beginning with the most positive empowering emotions to emotions of... more

16 Mar 2021 · 1 hour, 15 minutes
Memory Skills: The Easy 3 Step System to Remember Anything and Everything with Chester Santos

At some point in our lives, we are all faced with memory loss and forgetfulness. Important faces, names, numbers, or... more

08 Mar 2021 · 42 minutes
The Legacy of Trauma: Releasing Trauma Identity with Andrew Ecker

We so often become the identities which are imprinted on us- by our upbringing, our environments, society and even ourselves The... more

04 Mar 2021 · 1 hour, 41 minutes
Emotional Detox: Cleansing Yourself of Stagnated Emotions with Sherianna Boyle

Throughout our everyday lives-we often find ourselves caught in struggle and wrestling with some of our deepest held emotions. Re-living... more

25 Feb 2021 · 49 minutes
Developing Unconditional Love in a Conditional World with Larry Indiviglia

As we celebrate the one year anniversary here at The Light Inside, looking back- we’ve talked a great deal about... more

17 Feb 2021 · 1 hour, 7 minutes
How to Find Meaning Full Filled with Dieter Randolph

We ask ourselves- How can we design the space to discover who we are and what brings us the greatest sense... more

12 Feb 2021 · 1 hour,
Faith, Family, And A Song- Overcoming The Devastating Loss Of Child With Shannon And Brittany Clark

In today's conversation, we share a discussion with musicians, Shannon and Brittany Clark, as we explore the story of how... more

11 Feb 2021 · 1 hour, 3 minutes
The Light Inside
Moving into Confidence: Learn to Walk through Fear and Into Purpose with Lucia DiVieste Severtson
The Light Inside