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Good Movement Draws Good Movement
Good Movement Draws Good Movement
Terryn Drieling

In stockmanship (the art and science of handling cattle in a safe, effective, low-stress manner), we have this phrase . . .... more

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38. Attachment and Attunement - What Do Those Words Even Mean?

In today’s episode, I want to talk about attachment and attunement, and why we need BOTH of these to not... more

09 Jul 2024 · 9 minutes
37. An Update on Life and Our Cows

This episode is a bit of a ‘proof of life’ one from Tom and I! Really though, we’re excited to... more

02 Jul 2024 · 17 minutes
36. Boundaries Are Kind

In today's episode, I’m talking about something that's vital regarding communication, relationships, and good movement; it’s also something that gets overlooked,... more

25 Jun 2024 · 9 minutes
35. What I Learned About Human Communication From the Cows That Got Out

We had a pretty memorable experience that happened during our recent calving season (we were several brandings deep into the... more

18 Jun 2024 · 16 minutes
34. Embracing the Slow Burn with Thea Larsen

Thea is a working ranch wife and mom to two little cowboys, and the founder and host of all things... more

11 Jun 2024 · 50 minutes
33. What Happens When Honest Questions Are Met with Resistance?

Today I want to touch on one of my favorite tools you can use to improve communication - asking honest... more

04 Jun 2024 · 10 minutes
32. Spoiler Alert - There's Nothing Wrong with Talking About How We Really Are

In today’s episode, I discuss why there’s nothing wrong with talking about how we really are. Sometimes...things just SUCK. We have... more

28 May 2024 · 9 minutes
31. 3 Things I'm Doing to Take Care of Me

At the time of this recording, we’re officially halfway through calving season, and at the tail end of the school... more

21 May 2024 · 13 minutes
30. Let’s Normalize Asking Questions

Tom and I are here today to talk about a situation we just experienced with our cows - you could... more

14 May 2024 · 31 minutes
29. Just How Much Positive Does It Take to Counter One Negative?

In today’s episode, I talk about how much positive it takes to counter one negative. After learning more about this... more

07 May 2024 · 9 minutes
28. How We Prepare for Busy Seasons

In today’s episode, Tom and I discuss how we prepare for busy seasons, and really, how we continue practicing open... more

30 Apr 2024 · 42 minutes
27. What is the Purpose of Emotions?

While I talked about how we typically approach emotions in rural America in episode 25, I didn’t get into what... more

23 Apr 2024 · 9 minutes
26. Trials, Self-awareness, + Living a Life of Abundance with Michaela Gasseling

I’m so happy to have one of my dearest friends, Michaela Gasseling, on the podcast today! Michaela is passionate about... more

16 Apr 2024 · 33 minutes
25. The 'Thick Skin' Myth and How We View Emotions in Rural America

For way too long, we’ve been taught that emoting is ‘bad’, and having ‘thick skin’ is the best way to... more

09 Apr 2024 · 12 minutes
24. How to Get Others to Do the Personal Growth Work with Tom

Everyone’s favorite guest (yep..my husband, Tom), is back for another episode!In today’s episode, we share about how to get others... more

02 Apr 2024 · 26 minutes
23. Behaviors Are a Clue but Not the Whole Story

I’ve got a fun episode for you today, and it’s a little different than any of the others up to... more

26 Mar 2024 · 10 minutes
22. Introducing the Good Movement Collective

I’ve lived in rural America my whole life, and I understand the unique dynamic that rural living brings to relationships.... more

19 Mar 2024 · 10 minutes
21. Practical Tips for Rural Moms Managing Work and Family with Dawn Kress

Dawn is a farm wife and mama living her best life in the heart of the Midwest. On today's episode,... more

12 Mar 2024 · 30 minutes
20. An Unpopular Opinion - I Don't Find the Humor Worth the Harm

The way we’re currently doing things in rural America is not only hurting our relationships, but our mental health too,... more

05 Mar 2024 · 12 minutes
19. Mad Libs of the Mind - Filling in the Blanks with Fact Over Fiction

Our brains don’t like mystery or ambiguity, and they are really, really good at filling in the blanks. Unfortunately, this... more

27 Feb 2024 · 10 minutes
18. Talking Curiosity and Kindness with My Mother In-Law

I have a special episode to share with you today - a conversation that is with none other than my... more

20 Feb 2024 · 30 minutes
17. Leading by Example with Jessie Jarvis

I’m honored to have Jessie Jarvis on the podcast today! Jessie has a true passion for the ag and western... more

13 Feb 2024 · 41 minutes
16. Facing Life's Winter Seasons

I know so many of us can resonate with the ups and downs in life, and especially, those challenging ‘winter’... more

06 Feb 2024 · 11 minutes
15. Repairing After a Fight

My husband, Tom, is back again! In today’s episode, we’re talking all about the time we got into a fight... more

30 Jan 2024 · 22 minutes
14. Slow is Smooth Smooth is Fast

Toward the end of 2023, I set three main intentions for what was left of the year - listen to... more

23 Jan 2024 · 12 minutes
13. Behind the Good Movement Music with Aaron Espe

I have a very special guest on the podcast today - Aaron Espe! Aaron is actually the incredible creator behind the... more

16 Jan 2024 · 52 minutes
12. Choose Curiosity Over Criticism

When it comes to miscommunication and frustration that happens among us as humans, I believe so much of it comes... more

09 Jan 2024 · 11 minutes
11. Tom's Take on the Enneagram + Good Movement Trainings

On my most recent podcast episode, I went into detail about what the Enneagram is, and how it can be... more

02 Jan 2024 · 23 minutes
10. Expediting Self-Awareness with the Enneagram

If you’ve tuned into my podcast at all in the past, you probably know that the Enneagram has come up... more

26 Dec 2023 · 13 minutes
9. Ripple Effects with Emily Reuschel

In today’s episode I’m very excited to have my good friend, Emily Reuschel, on the podcast! We talk about how life-changing... more

19 Dec 2023 · 50 minutes
8. Our Best Advice for Making the Most of an Internship

Back by popular demand, I have my husband, Tom (formerly known as Mr. FFB) on the podcast again today! I... more

12 Dec 2023 · 19 minutes
7. Grief and What I Know So Far

Today’s episode is going to be a little more of a somber one, but it’s something I feel very strongly... more

05 Dec 2023 · 22 minutes
6. Rethinking Mental Health with Ashley Machado

In today’s episode I have my good friend, Ashley Machado, on the podcast! She’s truly been a wealth of knowledge for... more

28 Nov 2023 · 40 minutes
5. Fostering Joy in the Everyday

Today’s episode is going to be all about gratitude, because it’s Thanksgiving week in the United States! While it’s amazing... more

21 Nov 2023 · 11 minutes
4. How I Got Here – the Evolution of Good Movement

Today’s episode is going to be more of a story-centered one for you, and it’s definitely a good one! I’m... more

14 Nov 2023 · 21 minutes
3. How Self-Awareness Has Helped Our Marriage

In today’s episode I have a very special guest, formally known as Mr. FFB, my husband, Tom! We’re covering the... more

07 Nov 2023 · 20 minutes
2. It Starts with Self-Awareness

I’ve been sharing about good movement on social media for a while now and one of the most common questions... more

07 Nov 2023 · 10 minutes
1. What Is Good Movement?

Welcome to the first episode of Good Movement Draws Good Movement! I’m so excited to have this podcast out into... more

07 Nov 2023 · 11 minutes
Welcome to Good Movement Draws Good Movement!

In stockmanship (the art and science of handling cattle in a safe, effective, low-stress manner), we have this phrase .... more

21 Oct 2023 · 2 minutes
Good Movement Draws Good Movement
7. Grief and What I Know So Far
Good Movement Draws Good Movement

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Today’s episode is going to be a little more of a somber one, but it’s something I feel very strongly about, and... more