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Five Star Counsel Podcast
Five Star Counsel Podcast
John Strohmeyer

Tired of confusing advice about customer service telling you to follow Disney, Four Seasons, or Zappos for your law firm? Ready to... more

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Improving Your Interview and Hiring Process w/ Davis Nguyen

What kind of questions are you asking in your interviews? Do you know what are you even looking for? ... more

27 Jul 2021 · 22 minutes
Optimizing Your Site for Conversions and Clarity w/ Quinn Zeda

Is your website god's gift to legal world? Perfect in every way? I'm gonna bet there's at least a *little*... more

20 Jul 2021 · 27 minutes
Making the Right Tech Choices for Your Firm w/ Colin Levy

How do we integrate new tech in a way that improves the experience for clients and makes it easier for... more

16 Jul 2021 · 29 minutes
Building a Great Virtual Law Firm w/ Sam Mollaei

How can we delegate and distribute more work off our plate so that things get done faster and more consistently?... more

13 Jul 2021 · 31 minutes
Integrating New Tech into Your Practice w/ Joshua Lenon

Is your practice going to be replaced by robots? Should we run screaming away from the impending tech overlords? ... more

08 Jul 2021 · 33 minutes
Asking the Right Questions and Building Rapport w/ Brock Hendricks

When you get on an initial call with a new client, do you know what questions you must have answers... more

01 Jul 2021 · 30 minutes
Dealing with Burnout and Work-Life Balance as an Attorney w/ Sherry Walling

Are you a firm owner with feelings of burnout? Are you an attorney with work-life boundary issues? It's so common... more

28 Jun 2021 · 29 minutes
Avoiding Grievances with Great Service w/ Lisa Gonzalez

Does the idea of sitting before a state bar grievance panel sound like a fun time? About as much fun... more

25 Jun 2021 · 35 minutes
Ditching the Billable Hour w/ Jonathan Stark

What could your business be like if you were no longer chained to the billable hour? Do you think your... more

22 Jun 2021 · 39 minutes
Your Great Service IS Your Marketing (and Vice Versa) w/ Jordan Ostroff

Great client service is the bedrock of great marketing. It's the core of the snowball of referrals, reviews, and happily... more

18 Jun 2021 · 29 minutes
Five Star Counsel Podcast
Improving Your Interview and Hiring Process w/ Davis Nguyen
Five Star Counsel Podcast