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Bite Me Nutrition
Bite Me Nutrition
Jonathan Steedman, APD

Nutrition information, bite sized.

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Episode 8: Dairy

Blowing the cobwebs off the microphone to deliver some more fast and furious nutrition content! This episode I dive into... more

14 Jan 2022 · 15 minutes
Episode 7: Starvation Mode

What do Santa Claus, Starvation Mode and the Easter Bunny all have in common?If you learnt something, please consider leaving... more

06 Jan 2021 · 12 minutes
Episode 6: Fasted Training

Is fasted training the secret to greater fat loss, longer lasting sex and life eternal?Prefer to read? I send out... more

17 Jun 2020 · 6 minutes
Episode 5: Sugar

As we ALL know, sugar is the worst thing we can possibly put in our bodies. It is literally poison.... more

16 May 2020 · 8 minutes
Episode 4: Food Sensitivity Tests

It's time we talk food sensitivity tests!Although I kind of give the game away at the beginning of the episode,... more

08 May 2020 · 6 minutes
Episode 3: Red Meat

This episode covers red meat consumption, arguably the most confusing, misrepresented topic in nutrition. It's not black and white, so... more

23 Apr 2020 · 9 minutes
Episode 2: Artificial Sweeteners

What are they? Where can I find them? Are they going to kill me? Can I drink 23 cans of... more

16 Apr 2020 · 9 minutes
Episode 1: The Alkaline Diet

My favourite thing to talk about just so happens to be topical right now thanks to the BS that is... more

09 Apr 2020 · 10 minutes
Bite Me Nutrition
Episode 8: Dairy
Bite Me Nutrition