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The Panic Pod
The Panic Pod
Joshua Fletcher

Joshua is the author of best-selling books on anxiety, a previous sufferer and a qualified psychotherapist. Co-hosted by Canadian singer, producer, and... more

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Young & Black with OCD ft. Shaun Flores

Shaun Flores is an OCD advocate, public speaker, former model and influencer, aiming to have the right influence on the... more

06 Dec 2022 · 36 minutes
Neurodivergence ft. Sara, The Agony Autie

In December 2016, 36 year-old Chester resident Sara Jane Harvey started producing educational, yet entertaining videos about what it's like... more

29 Nov 2022 · 37 minutes
Holiday/Vacation Anxiety ft. Drew Linsalata

Summer is here and it's the time of year when many people and families are heading of on their annual... more

02 Aug 2022 · 36 minutes
Depression Vs. Fear of Depression

Today, you have the pleasure of listening to my northern accent for 30 minutes. There is no special guest this... more

05 Jul 2022 · 27 minutes
IBS & Anxiety ft. Dr Sula Windgassen

Talking about poo, is taboo. Yet, it is very common for anxiety sufferers to experience symptoms of IBS. Today we are... more

28 Jun 2022 · 39 minutes
Do I have OCD? ft. Jenna Overbaugh

OCD is often misunderstood and because of this, many feel a great deal of shame surrounding their obsessions and compulsions. So,... more

21 Jun 2022 · 38 minutes
Eating Disorders ft. Kimberley Quinlan

Joining me today on The Panic Pod is special guest, Kimberley Quinlan. I do not consider myself an expert on eating... more

07 Jun 2022 · 38 minutes
Mindfulness Done Right ft. Dr Leah Katz

Mindfulness is a hot topic at the moment, but is there a 'right' way to do it? According to our... more

02 Jun 2022 · 30 minutes
Rumination & Fear Of Going Crazy feat. Dr Dave Carbonell

"We don't have to be in danger to feel afraid" - Dr. Dave Carbonell. We have a very exciting episode for... more

24 May 2022 · 36 minutes
Language and Goals

The language we use in anxious recovery is so important and yet it is one of the things I see... more

17 May 2022 · 26 minutes
The Panic Pod
Young & Black with OCD ft. Shaun Flores
The Panic Pod
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