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The Enterprise Iain Show
The Enterprise Iain Show
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It’s time to feed your enterprising soul! When you work for yourself or run your own business what you need is something to... more

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What You Need To Wear In Business!

Should have worn a better tie!!

29 Jul 2020 · 3 minutes
How Kylie Saved My Business!

What’s the first rule of Business? You never can tell.

22 Jul 2020 · 3 minutes
"I'm Surprised I'm Contented!"

First rule of business? You never can tell!

15 Jul 2020 · 13 minutes
Scots Have The Edge!

Grab a bowl of enterprise porridge and hear Enterprise Iain discuss this amazing Scottish Edge fund with Evelyn McDonald. Spoiler... more

07 Jul 2020 · 19 minutes
Business Plans? Really?

In this episode of Coffee, Scones and Enterprise Therapy, Enterprise Iain and Deedee Cuddihy discuss business plans, self publishing and... more

01 Jul 2020 · 15 minutes
Entrepreneurs' A to Z - H is for Hacking

In this week's episode Enterprise Iain talks to Kyle Bowes from Business Resilience International Management (BRIM) about small business and... more

24 Jun 2020 · 23 minutes
I Started My Business During Lockdown!

Enterprise Iain meets Alex Fleming from 4 The Benefit of All, for some Pizza, Wine and Enterprise Therapy to discuss... more

17 Jun 2020 · 19 minutes
Just Don't Call Me A SME!

The Enterprise Iain Show Short Sometimes it’s good to get cross. It can lead you to do creative things like starting... more

04 Jun 2020 · 5 minutes
The Entrepreneur’s A to Z - A is for Advertising

Enterprise Iain meets Catrina Cruikshank of Left and wonder whether it’s actually worth advertising if you’ve a small business. And... more

26 May 2020 · 22 minutes
The Enterprise Iain Show
What You Need To Wear In Business!
The Enterprise Iain Show