The CSS Podcast

The CSS Podcast

Jul 01, 2020 36 min

015: Pseudo Selectors

In this episode we break down functional and regular pseudo selectors, CSS’s special hook into encapsulated element states. We can’t control them, but we can leverage them to provide rich interactive feedback from our interfaces. Links: Selectors Level 4 → :focus-visible explainer → :blank naming → Pure CSS Games Post → Empty Demo with Custom Properties →
Jun 24, 2020 20 min

014: Pseudo Elements

::after and ::before? Do you know about ::first-letter, ::spelling-error, and ::backdrop? Dive into pseudo-elements & how to use these unique declarations that enable styling specific parts of some selected HTML. CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4→ CSS Shadow Parts→ CSS Text Decoration M.L.3→ The ::cue pseudo-element→ CSS Scoping M.L.1→ Part & theme explainer→https://goo
Jun 17, 2020 24 min

013: Spacing

In this episode we do our best to cover the many ways to create space on the web. From techniques like HTML entities nbsp; to gap, we cover the clever, hacky and clean ways you can create spatial relationships on the web. Links CSS Logical Properties and Values Level 1 → HTML Entities → Everything You Should Know About Collapsing Margins → Adam’s video: flex gap and internationalization →
May 27, 2020 20 min

012: Logical Properties

The days of euro-centric spacing like `margin-top` are limited: instead, say hello to `margin-block-start` to define space that works within any linguistic context based on your layout needs.In this episode we shake the physical and lean into the logical as we break down CSS logical properties. Links: Flow-relative syntax for margin - like shorthands -
May 20, 2020 31 min

011: Grid

Tracks, gaps, areas and flow are hot topics in this full coverage episode on CSS grid. We don’t leave anything out, so you’re bound to pick up something new. We talk about functions like min, max, and minmax, and how to combine all of the powers of CSS Grid to create explicit and auto layouts. Reach for the right parts of grid at the right time. Links Grid Spec → 3 CSS Grid Features Una Loves → Grid to Flex →
May 13, 2020 24 min

010: Flexbox

In this episode we flex our flexbox knowledge and dive deep into CSS layout using the flexible box model. We talk about content axis’, flex flow, wrapping, order, justification, alignment, and more! Links Flexbox Spec - Flow-flow with writing mode - Grid to Flex:
May 06, 2020 25 min

009: Layout

In this episode we provide an overview and slight history of laying things out on the web, starting from blocks and framesets, ending with Grid and Houdini. Links: A History of CSS through 15 years of 24 ways → Holy Grail Layout → Complete Guide to Flexbox → Grid Guide →
Apr 29, 2020 25 min

008: Sizing Units

We’re sizing up sizing in CSS in this episode as we break down all the different lengths and measurements in CSS. CSS makes using these things seamless, it’s great, but let’s study some of the intricacies here; how it works and what that means for your day to day usage.
Apr 22, 2020 21 min

007: Color Part 2 - Perception

Explore perceptual, human-centered, color in this episode as we review latest specs, latest syntaxes, theories & strategies for color on the web in 2020. Spec CSS color level-4 → Draft Spec CSS color level-5 → How Color Gamut & Display Tech Can Affect Your Content → WICG Contrast Ratio → Lea Verou LCH color picker→ Webkit Working on Color Level 4 → https://goo.g
Apr 15, 2020 31 min

006: Color Part 1 - Usage

In this part 1 episode, we dive deep into using CSS color. We discuss ways to write and code colors, places they can go, functions you can use on them, and then we top it off with a hex color challenge. As always, you’ll learn new jargon, pick up a trick or two, and learn something new. #C55 is #ace not #5ad
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