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The Substack Podcast
The Substack Podcast
Rose @ Substack

Conversations with writers, bloggers, and creative thinkers about how they got here. Produced by Substack, a place for independent writing. on.substack.com

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Four years on Substack: A conversation with Bill Bishop, Substacker #1

Four years ago today, Bill Bishop launched the first-ever Substack publication. Get on the email list at on.substack.com

15 Oct 2021 · 44 minutes
Q&A recap: Navigating the pandemic with kids

Last week, ​Substack hosted a live Q&A with health and parenting experts aimed at answering questions about the latest data... more

04 Oct 2021 · 47 minutes
Spotlight On: Fiction Writing with Elle Griffin of The Novelleist

Learn how to serialize a fictional novel on Substack with Elle Griffin of The Novelleist. Get on the email list... more

07 Jul 2021 · 21 minutes
Spotlight On: Local News with Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger

Last week, we hosted a workshop with Tony Mecia of The Charlotte Ledger to discuss covering local news on Substack.... more

24 Jun 2021 · 37 minutes
Spotlight On: Investing & Finance with Mike of Nongaap Investing

In early June, we hosted an interview with Mike of Nongaap Investing to discuss finance writing on Substack. Mike is... more

11 Jun 2021 · 16 minutes
Substack Podcast #022: Pandemic economics with Nathan Tankus

We spoke with Nathan Tankus of Notes on the Crises, who writes about the pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers... more

13 Aug 2020 · 1 hour, 5 minutes
Substack Podcast #021: Cookbooks with Paula Forbes

We spoke with Paula Forbes of Stained Page News, a newsletter about cookbooks. For her, it’s a place to geek... more

07 Aug 2020 · 44 minutes
Substack Podcast #020: Gen Z with Terry Nguyen

We spoke with Terry Nguyen of gen yeet, a newsletter about Gen Z culture, memes, and trends. Get on the... more

23 Jul 2020 · 42 minutes
Substack Podcast #019: Mental Health with Fiza Pirani

We spoke with Fiza Pirani of Foreign Bodies, a newsletter that destigmatizes mental illness, centered on immigrant and refugee experiences.... more

16 Jul 2020 · 53 minutes
Substack Podcast #018: Corporate governance with Francine McKenna 

We spoke with Francine McKenna of The Dig, a newsletter about accounting and corporate governance issues. Francine analyzes the most... more

09 Jul 2020 · 55 minutes
The Substack Podcast
Four years on Substack: A conversation with Bill Bishop, Substacker #1
The Substack Podcast