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The Simply + Fiercely Show
The Simply + Fiercely Show
Jennifer Burger

The Simply + Fiercely Show is a podcast for women who want to clear their clutter and create space for freedom and... more

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43: 3 Outside-The-Box Decluttering Tips You Should Try

Some of the things that had the biggest impact on my decluttering journey were also the least expected. Here are... more

26 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
42: How to Avoid Mid-Decluttering “What Have I Done?” Regret

We've all been there: you start motivated and excited to declutter! But then *bam* ... you hit a wall, run... more

19 Feb 2024 · 18 minutes
41: “Kill Your Darlings” and Other Decluttering Tips Inspired by Writers

If you're struggling to clear your clutter, you might need a fresh perspective. Here are 3 decluttering tips inspired by... more

12 Feb 2024 · 15 minutes
40: How to Declutter When You See Value in Everything

This is a question I'm asked all the time: how can you declutter when you see value in everything? Whether... more

05 Feb 2024 · 16 minutes
39: Shopping Tips That Will Help You Prevent Clutter

Do you know what's even better than decluttering? Buying less in the first place! If you're looking for clutter-busting tips... more

29 Jan 2024 · 20 minutes
38: Why Less Stuff Doesn’t Always Equal Less Stress (And That’s a Good Thing)

Most people declutter because they want more ease in their lives. But what happens when things turn out as expected?... more

22 Jan 2024 · 14 minutes
37: When You Know What You “Should” Do but Can’t Follow Through With Decluttering

If you know what you should be doing to declutter your home but struggle to follow through, it's not because... more

15 Jan 2024 · 27 minutes
36: Decluttering + why “living with less” shouldn’t be your goal this year

It's that time of year when many people consider their goals; for some, decluttering is high on the list! Which... more

08 Jan 2024 · 24 minutes
35: Why You'll Never Hear Me Say, "It's Just Stuff"

I hear it all the time, and I know it's usually said with the best intentions. Your stuff is just... more

25 Dec 2023 · 19 minutes
34: 3 Decluttering Truths That No One is Talking About

In today's episode of The Simply + Fiercely Show, I'm sharing three things missing from most mainstream discussions about decluttering.... more

18 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
The Simply + Fiercely Show
43: 3 Outside-The-Box Decluttering Tips You Should Try
The Simply + Fiercely Show
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