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Mina AF with Mina Starsiak Hawk
Mina AF with Mina Starsiak Hawk
Mina Starsiak-Hawk and editaudio

What’s one thing you've always wanted to ask but didn’t know how? What’s something you’ve always wanted to say out loud, but... more

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ICYMI: My Journey with Secondary Infertility

Mina AF is taking a little summer break! In the meantime we’re going into the vault for episodes you might... more

18 Jun 2024 · 57 minutes
Why haven’t I changed the business name?

Mina and Steve are back again answering your questions! Listen in as they chat about the scams Steve’s nearly fallen... more

11 Jun 2024 · 38 minutes
Would I Ever Do TV again?

On today’s episode Mina delves into some of your questions! What sort of TV show would she want to make... more

04 Jun 2024 · 26 minutes
A Peak Behind The Scenes

Joining Mina this week is host of Ozarks True Crime, Anne Roderique-Jones to chat all about the current series, following... more

28 May 2024 · 34 minutes
The Power of an 8 Minute Call...

Join Mina and Steve on this week's episode as they discuss the 8 minute tool that’s changed the way they... more

21 May 2024 · 38 minutes
Getting (and staying) Sober

On today’s episode Steve and Mina update us on their sober journey. They share what they miss (and don't miss!)... more

14 May 2024 · 47 minutes
Staying Motivated When You’re Your Own Boss.

Join Mina and Steve as they discuss the transition to being your own boss, the struggles of staying motivated, and... more

07 May 2024 · 56 minutes
What is your Love Language?

Join Mina and Steve (and a brief appearance from Jack!) as they talk about love languages, how theirs have changed... more

30 Apr 2024 · 29 minutes
Radical Acceptance and Other Useful Tools

Join Mina and Steve as they talk about confronting your emotions, taking ownership of negative situations and using radical acceptance... more

23 Apr 2024 · 38 minutes
What Is Normal Parenting?

Today Steve and Mina answer a listener question all about how to parent when you didn’t grow up with a... more

16 Apr 2024 · 33 minutes
Mina AF with Mina Starsiak Hawk
ICYMI: My Journey with Secondary Infertility
Mina AF with Mina Starsiak Hawk