The Thriveology Podcast For Thrive Nation

The Thriveology Podcast For Thrive Nation

The Thriveology Podcast For Thrive Nation
Mar 30, 2020 24 min

How to Hope in Tough Times

Let me just say, I am a bit weary. How about you? This has been a wearying time for so many of us. Nobody is unaffected by this pandemic. And we can't even point to an end to the crisis. Take a guess, and your guess is probably as good as any other. What do we do? Everything seems to be upside-down, inside-out, and topsy-turvy. It's hard to figure out what happens next and what to do next. Which means that some people are beginning to feel hopeless. Early in my career, as a hospital chaplain, I saw what happens when people have hope... and when they lose hope. But I didn't really have any way to help people who were hitting hopelessness. I just saw the damage. Thanks to other researchers, I am more clear about how we can build and hold hope, even in tough times. If you can't hold it in tough times, it just needs some boosting, and some knowledge. Let's talk about hope, tough times, and the Hope Formula. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES Dealing with Stress Dealing with Loss and Grief Dealing with Depression Dealing with Fear and Anxiety Lee Baucom's Books
Mar 23, 2020 25 min

Stay Sane While Staying Safe

Did you hear about the guy who had been on a meditation retreat for a couple of weeks? He went in with "life as usual." And he emerged into a whole new world. One where people are practicing social distance, sheltering at home, and scared. One where restaurants, coffee shops, and bars are closed or limited. One where every cough is scary. And one where we are trying to figure out the "new normal." How are you doing with it? Feeling the stress or finding your calm? Struggling with your day, or finding a new routine for your day? One issue with this crisis is we don't have an end date. Nor do we know how bad (or not so bad) things might be -- which is influenced by what we do as citizens and fellow humans! How do we stay sane while we are trying to stay safe? That is my subject for this episode of the Thriveology Podcast. Let's talk about some strategies for doing your best to live your best in the midst of this crisis. Basically, how to stay sane while being safe. Listen below. RELATED RESOURCES: Need some reading? Check out my books. CDC Info Page on the Coronavirus Crisis WHO Info Page on the Coronavirus Crisis Thriving In An Age of Panic Episode
Mar 16, 2020 25 min

Thriving in an Age of Panic

When I recorded this episode of the Thriveology Podcast, it was almost another world. Many people were still minimizing the novel coronavirus. Even politicians were downplaying the severity and impact. So much has changed. Many, if not most, schools are closed to face-to-face instruction. Many workers are working from home, where possible. Lots of restaurants are only serving by delivery or take-out. New guidelines suggest not being around more than 10 people... and that number may go down. The world has changed, almost overnight. It affects us all... making this episode just as important, if not more so. We are going to have to define what it means to thrive. That is what happens when it feels like every day is an attempt to survive. Here is the good news: humanity will prevail. We can thrive. Life WILL go on. But it will never be the same. Things will change. How we used to do things will disappear, but new ways will appear. I know these are scary times. But we will get through this. Together. That's what we do. Lisen to the episode below. RELATED RESOURCES: CDC Information WHO Information Johns Hopkins Guide to Coronavirus Check Out My Books to Help Thrive
Mar 09, 2020 44 min

Happiness Is A Constant Reset

Happiness is a funny thing, isn't it? One day, it's right there... right in front of you. Then, just as quickly... it's gone. Why is it so hard to hold onto happiness? Maybe more importantly, is there a way to shift into happiness, nearly at will? I am always concerned about how lightly we take happiness. Our culture makes it THE goal, and not a part of your goal. But worse, happiness often ends up being about waiting for something to happen. Notice: HAPPy and HAPPen. Same root. It is about something out there happening to make you happy. My guest this week, Michaela Renee Johnson, believes that happiness is really about making constant resets. It is about looking for and finding the points of happiness... not waiting for them to just happen. After an unorthodox childhood (based on family necessity), Michaela became something of a free-spirit wanderer. She finally found her way to her calling as a psychotherapist... and spends her time helping others "speak their truth with grace and live a courageous life of authenticity." Something she did, herself. Listen below on how to find happiness through constant reset. RELATED RESOURCES Michaela's Website The Happiness Trap It's Not (Entirely) About Happiness Chasing Mis-Wants Thrive Principles Book
Mar 02, 2020 42 min

Getting Clear By Getting Real

What happens when you feel hollow and lost in life, even when you are surrounded by people? What happens when you find success... only to discover it wasn't really the success you wanted? What happens when you realize that you've been hiding and pretending... not being yourself... even when you are with friends and loved ones? You may just keep on pushing forward. Or you might get real. My guest on this episode pushes the Get Real part, adding that you need to "get f ing real." (Don't worry. We never actually say it on the episode... it isn't really a part of my vocabulary. But Lisa does make the point that this is REALLY important, getting real. Lisa Cherney built a successful business helping others build their successful mission-focused businesses. And even with a 7-figure business... it was not the success she wanted. She was helping others follow their passion... and was losing her own. One day, while traveling, she started jotting down some statements... some commandments... that she believed she needed to follow. About getting real. Being clear. Of being aligned. Those statements became her "12 Commandments of Getting F ing Real." And with that, she closed down her 7-figure business and followed her own mission. To be clear, to be real... and to help others do the same. Listen in as Lisa and I discuss what it means to Get Real. Why it matters. And why the world needs Real people now, more than ever. RELATED RESOURCES Lise Cherney's Website w/ 12 Commandments of Getting... Real How to Guarantee You DON'T Thrive, Part 1 How to Guarantee You DON'T Thrive, Part 2 Learn or... Learn Course Corrections and Course Changes
Feb 24, 2020 43 min

The Synergy of Success

Most people tell me that they want something more out of life. Sometimes, they want LOTS more out of life. Usually, though, there is something else... some new point of success. Yet, many people find themselves stuck in a cycle of "inaction" or "any action." They are taking no action toward a change. Or they randomly take action after action, with little to show for it. Others seem to find a direct path straight to their goal. They seem to pluck success from everything they do. What is the difference? Why do some struggle to find success, and others seem to step into success in every step? Let's for a moment, set aside why some just seem to struggle from success to success. Let's focus, instead, on how to make a shift toward your own success. Toward finding more success and more fulfillment. In this episode of the Thriveology Podcast, I interview Dr. Morgan Oaks. Morgan is a chiropractor, coach, and speaker. Morgan's TEDx Talk is all about listening to that deeper voice to take you to a higher place. In our discussion, Morgan describes the 3 stages to synchronizing success, which builds on itself in a figure-8 pattern, repeating to more and more success. Listen below for the 3 steps to success with Dr. Morgan Oaks. RELATED RESOURCE Dr. Morgan Oaks' Website Surviving to Thriving How to Build Your Self-Esteem How to Build Your Self-Confidence How to Show Up Book: Thrive Principles
Feb 17, 2020 40 min

The Vacation Effect — Even If You Don’t Leave Town!

Have you ever noticed what happens when it is just a few days before you head out for vacation? If you are like most people, you go into "clear the desk" mode. Things get done. You become hyper-efficient. Why does that happen right before a vacation? Because it HAS to get done. You want to leave with nothing hanging. So, nothing gets in your way. What if there was a "hack" that could get you that effect the rest of the time? Would that let you work less... and still get the same amount done? Denise Gosnell is a 3x successful entrepreneur. As a successful attorney and entrepreneur, Denise had met all of her (financial) goals. But when her house went up in flames... she realized that her (life) goals were not where she wanted them. Sure, she had stuff... she had resources. But she didn't have the life she wanted. In fact, she didn't have time for it. Until she made a shift. Using business strategy and planning, productivity hacking, and prioritizing, Denise found she could be MORE successful with LESS time taken up by work. And now, Denise shares that with others... whether you want more time from work or from home, you can find it, along with more life satisfaction, by tapping into the Vacation Effect. RELATED RESOURCES Vacation Effect Website Why We Stress Shift From Stressful to Restful The Importance Matrix Your Center Point You're Gonna Die
Feb 10, 2020 24 min

Still Even MORE Lessons from Jiu Jitsu

Just a little over 2 years ago (exactly 2 years ago, as I recorded this episode of my Thriveology Podcast), I started studying jiu jitsu. At that point, I had no idea where it would go. I have a life-long interest in martial arts, but had not practiced since being a teenager (tae kwon do at that time). I knew I wanted to try something out, to take on a challenge. And it was winter... so maybe a way to get some exercise inside would make sense. As soon as my kids (both adults) left after Christmas... and when I knew the new insurance policy was in place... I started. It has been quite a journey! I am just a few classes away from getting the first stripe on my blue belt. My blue belt is now several months old... making me an advanced white belt! Still, I am far from where I was when I started. At several prior junctures, I have reflected on my learning process in jiu jitsu -- and how it applies to life -- so I thought it was time for another. And if you missed the earlier episodes, they are linked in the Related Resources below. RELATED RESOURCES Lessons Learned From Jiu Jitsu More Lessons Learned from Jiu Jitsu Even More Lessons Learned from Jiu Jitsu Growth Mindset Gracie University Gracie Jiu Jitsu Louisville (come join us!)
Feb 03, 2020 47 min

Alignment Toward Thriving

Are you in alignment? I had a friend whose hips were out of alignment. It was no big deal for a long time. Just simply a matter of one leg being a bit longer than the other. But every day, she just kept on going. She walked and ran... and just lived life. Then... her back started hurting... her hips started hurting... her knees started hurting... even her ankles started hurting! The doctor was concerned that she was facing disability and lifetime pain. The doctors worked to get her hips and legs into alignment. It was pretty simple. Just a lift in her shoes. But that little shift put her back into alignment. And suddenly, everything was working the way it should. It took awhile. But slowly, the pain disappeared. That is a very practical way to think about alignment. But life alignment is broader than that. Are you surrounded with people who are in alignment with your goals and values? Is your work aligned with your values and purpose? Do you live in alignment and balance in life and in your body? In this week's episode of the Thriveology Podcast, we explore life alignment with Jani Roberts and Bri Ursaner... alignment experts and pretty tough individuals. Listen in as we discuss what alignment is... and how to get there. RELATED RESOURCES Jani and Sabrina's website MPI Triad MidLife Transition Bending Your Map
Jan 27, 2020 42 min

Paths to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is such a buzzword these days that you may find yourself "tuning out" when you hear the term. Ironic, since that is quite the opposite of being mindful! Simply put, mindfulness is the state of being present with your body in the present moment. In other words, you are aware of your bodily experience of this immediate moment. The nice thing about mindfulness is that it is easy to practice, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. It is simply a matter of calling yourself back to this moment, in your own body. And then... it slips away again, through distractions and thoughts. Thoughts about the past and future pull us from the present. We distract ourselves right out of the experience of living in this moment. My guest on this episode of the Thriveology Podcast, Joanne King, offers a number of pathways to mindfulness. Of particular interest is Joanne's approach to mindful eating. How often do you find yourself scarfing down a meal, not even noticing the taste, texture, spices, smells, and ingredients... the experience of eating? I have. According to Joanne, this means that we often eat beyond what we need... and not necessarily even what we need to eat. When people shift to mindful eating, Joanne reports, they eat better and naturally lose weight. And... it is an opportunity to enter into mindfulness. Join me as I discuss pathways to mindfulness with Joanne King. RELATED RESOURCES Joanne's website Using Mindfulness to Thrive The Importance of Being Present Confidence... in the Moment
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