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The Rich Roll Podcast
The Rich Roll Podcast
Rich Roll

A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and... more

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The Dean of Stanford Medical School on How AI Is Shaping The Future of Health Precision

This week, I am joined by Dr. Lloyd Minor, the Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean of the Stanford University School... more

11 Apr 2024 · 1 hour, 41 minutes
Pause, Breathe, Reflect: How A Brush With Death Changed Michael O’Brien’s Life

This week, I’m joined by Michael O’Brien, a former executive, and father of two who experienced a profound transformation after... more

08 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 29 minutes
Psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen On All Things Brain Health, Dementia, Alzheimer’s & ADHD

This week, I am joined by Dr. Daniel Amen, a world-renowned psychiatrist and bestselling author, as we delve into the... more

01 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 3 minutes
Modeling Well-Being: Gisele Bündchen On Nourishing The Self, The Soul & The Planet

This week, I am joined by Gisele Bündchen, one of the world’s most recognized faces—a world-renowned supermodel, philanthropist, New York... more

25 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 16 minutes
Kara Goucher: Inside the Secret World of Elite Sport Doping, Abuse & Deception

This week, I am joined by Kara Goucher. She bravely shares her experiences as an athlete, including injuries, financial struggles,... more

21 Mar 2024 · 2 hours, 5 minutes
Layne Norton on How Social Media Influencers Distort the Science of Nutrition & Fitness (And How To Discern Fact from Fiction)

This week, I’m joined by Dr. Layne Norton for a deep dive into nutrition, fitness, and the psychology of positive... more

18 Mar 2024 · 3 hours, 27 minutes
Neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi On Menopause, Hormone Health, & Alzheimer’s Prevention

Menopause, often overlooked yet profoundly impactful, marks a critical juncture in a woman’s life, reshaping the brain for half of... more

11 Mar 2024 · 2 hours, 32 minutes
Roll On Redux

Roll On is Back! After a 6-month break, my trusty co-pilot Adam Skolnick and I reunite to talk shop and... more

07 Mar 2024 · 2 hours, 15 minutes
Slow Productivity: Cal Newport On How To Escape Burnout, Do Your Best Work & Achieve More By Doing Less

Cal Newport, a bestselling author and Computer Science professor at Georgetown University, advocates for a slower approach to productivity that... more

04 Mar 2024 · 2 hours, 29 minutes
Straight Edge For Life: Punk Icon Toby Morse On Positivity, Parenting & Plant-Based Living

Don’t forget the struggle, the streets, or your roots, and resist selling out—such is the message from today's guest, Toby... more

26 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 31 minutes
The Rich Roll Podcast
The Dean of Stanford Medical School on How AI Is Shaping The Future of Health Precision
The Rich Roll Podcast
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