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Christian Home and Family Radical Faith for Generations
Christian Home and Family Radical Faith for Generations
Carey Green

What would you give to know that your family will be faithful to Jesus over the long haul? And I'm not just... more

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To build a Christ-centered home, you go first (Episode 106]


20 Mar 2018 · 9 minutes
Why Our Kids Don't Date and How We Accomplished It - Episode 105

Why our kids do not date This post is not about dating VS courtship... so you can relax. This post... more

15 Feb 2018 · 20 minutes
Loving The Personal Weakness of Your Spouse [Ep 104]

Our culture tends to be a really self centered. There is not much grace for the personal weakness of others.... more

18 Jan 2018 · 15 minutes
How a commitment to personal freedom is gutting Christian parenting [Ep 103]

A while back my wife and I were talking about absolutes... As we sat over coffee at our favorite local... more

21 Dec 2017 · 12 minutes
The KEY to raising godly children (OR: God-fearing children and the parents who raise them ) [Ep 102]

Why would I throw in my thoughts on such a popular and written-to-death sort of subject?  Because what I consider... more

14 Dec 2017 · 14 minutes
What Does It Mean to Be a Spiritual Leader? : A Challenge for Husbands [Ep 101]

A spiritual leader is not the person who has all the right, holy-sounding answers. A spiritual leader is a person... more

07 Dec 2017 · 40 minutes
Parenting from the Bible, the Death of Fluffy, and Dealing With Reality [Ep 100]

I hope it’s your desire to learn everything you need to know about parenting from the Bible. I say that... more

30 Nov 2017 · 23 minutes
The Foundation of a Marriage that Honors Christ - part 4 of 4 [Ep 99]

  The foundation of a marriage is an important thing. That’s because foundations are important. You don’t think about them... more

23 Nov 2017 · 51 minutes
The 3rd “C” of a Christ-Honoring Marriage: Connection [Ep 98]

The kind of marriage connection you want is possible… But you have to understand that it’s built upon other things... more

16 Nov 2017 · 1 hour, 7 minutes
Christian Marriage: Communication is Key - part 2 of 4 [Ep 97]

In a Christian marriage, communication is one of the foundational things that enables man and wife to live together in... more

09 Nov 2017 · 1 hour, 12 minutes
Christian Home and Family Radical Faith for Generations
To build a Christ-centered home, you go first (Episode 106]
Christian Home and Family Radical Faith for Generations
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