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Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell
Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell
Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell

A podcast covering actor's filmographies, one week at a time. Hosted by Ryan McQuade and Mitchell Beaupre. New Episodes Every Tuesday.

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Episode 12: The Ladykillers

This week it’s time for one of Tom Hanks’ most notorious misfires, and one of our hosts might have at... more

30 Jun 2022 · 2 hours, 9 minutes
Episode 11: Road to Perdition

There is only one guarantee. None of us on this podcast will see heaven. This week, we’re joined by Conor... more

28 Jun 2022 · 2 hours, 18 minutes
Episode 10: Cast Away (with Jay Ledbetter)

This week we are joined by friend of the show Jay Ledbetter (Extra Film podcast), who’s known Ryan longer but... more

21 Jun 2022 · 2 hours, 3 minutes
Episode 9: Saving Private Ryan (with Slim)

This week we are joined by podcast extraordinaire Slim (The Letterboxd Show, 70mm) to discuss Steven Spielberg’s 1998 World War II... more

14 Jun 2022 · 1 hour, 50 minutes
Episode 8: Toy Story Franchise

You’ve got some friends in us! In this week’s episode of Acting Out, we’re doing things a little differently. Rather... more

07 Jun 2022 · 2 hours, 34 minutes
Episode 7: Apollo 13

Let’s go to the moon! Or… maybe not. On this week’s episode of Acting Out, we’re talking about Ron Howard’s... more

31 May 2022 · 1 hour, 33 minutes
Episode 6: Forrest Gump

Acting Out is like a box of chocolates, and this week we’re giving you a dose of 1994’s Forrest Gump.... more

24 May 2022 · 1 hour, 46 minutes
Episode 5: Philadelphia

On this episode of Acting Out, we discuss Jonathan Demme’s 1993 drama Philadelphia, starring Tom Hanks as a lawyer with... more

17 May 2022 · 1 hour, 54 minutes
Episode 4: A League of Their Own

Is there any crying in baseball? Let’s find out! On today’s episode, Ryan and Mitchell discuss Penny Marshall’s 1992 film... more

10 May 2022 · 1 hour, 51 minutes
Episode 3: The Burbs

Something strange is going on in this neighborhood! On this week’s episode of Acting Out, Ryan and Mitchell head into... more

03 May 2022 · 1 hour, 19 minutes
Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell
Episode 12: The Ladykillers
Acting Out with Ryan and Mitchell
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