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Twin Strangers Productions

A science fiction, horror audio drama podcast that follows Silas Caldwell, a linguist, who finds himself employed by VINCULA, a biotech company... more

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Syntax 41: Back Home

Yanus base finally achieves a breakthrough. The remaining Breachers make their way through the caves of Depth 7, hoping to... more

30 May 2024 · 45 minutes
Syntax 40: Separate Ways

The Breachers return to the safety of their oasis on Depth Seven, only to find it has been irrevocably altered.... more

23 May 2024 · 50 minutes
Syntax 39: Find My Family

The Breachers continue exploring the dark underbelly of Depth Seven, and find the source of the strange noises they heard... more

09 May 2024 · 51 minutes
Syntax 38: Still Hope

With Silas freed from his coma, Alpha discusses their situation and prepares for next steps. Silas catches up with the... more

02 May 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
Syntax 37: We're Gonna Be Fine, Right?

Cassius encounters a new (old?) face. June and Evelyn discuss their slim hope for Alpha's return, while Beckett prepares measures... more

25 Apr 2024 · 1 hour,
ANNOUNCEMENT: Twin Strangers X BlendBee

We at Twin Strangers Productions are elated to announce our partnership with BlendBee, the amazing curators behind customizable and organic... more

23 Apr 2024 · 1 minute
ANNOUNCEMENT: Tell No Tales Joins TSP!

Exciting news for all listeners of Syntax and lovers of Twin Strangers Productions -- Tell No Tales is being added... more

23 Feb 2024 · 1 minute
2024 UPDATE: TSP, Syntax, and More!

2024 has begun, and that means Twin Strangers Productions is in full swing with new exciting things for this year!... more

24 Jan 2024 · 3 minutes
Season 2 Blooper Reel!

Hello fine Strangers! We've got a little surprise for you!With Season 3 now FINISHED, we're releasing our blooper reel from... more

11 Jan 2024 · 39 minutes
Syntax 36: Missing in Action

Reeling, Alpha team regroups and weighs their options. Silas makes a few attempts to understand the Breach and its presumed... more

31 Dec 2023 · 57 minutes
Syntax 41: Back Home
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