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The Office Deep Dive
The Office Deep Dive

With the success of his hit podcast, An Oral History of The Office, podcast host extraordinaire Brian Baumgartner (AKA Kevin Malone) is taking you... more

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Introducing: Off the Beat

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14 Feb 2022 · 1 minute
TODD Farewell

Brian pulls back the curtain to talk about his journey into podcasting and what it has been like to make... more

08 Feb 2022 · 48 minutes
David Koechner

Today Brian sits down to talk with the hilarious David Koechner who played Michael’s inappropriate friend, the Pacman - Todd... more

01 Feb 2022 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
David Denman

In another brand new interview, Brian talks to David Denman, who played Pam’s high school sweetheart and former fiancé, Roy... more

25 Jan 2022 · 51 minutes
Brian Wittle

They say two Brians are better than one… Brian [Baumgartner] sits down with The Office boom operator Brian [Wittle] to... more

18 Jan 2022 · 53 minutes
Carey Bennett

Did you ever wonder where Dwight’s mustard shirts, Pam’s cardigans, or Jim’s three-hole-punch costume came from? This week, costume designer... more

11 Jan 2022 · 1 hour,
The Office Deep Dive Call-In Edition - Pt. 3

What better way to kick off the new year than with another call-in episode of The Office Deep Dive? Brian... more

04 Jan 2022 · 56 minutes
The Office Deep Dive Call-In Edition - Pt. 2

Brian brings it back to the fans in part two of this special call-in edition of the podcast. He takes... more

28 Dec 2021 · 1 hour, 6 minutes
The Office Deep Dive Call-In Edition - Pt. 1

On today’s episode, YOU get to guide the conversation! Brian brings on listeners from all around the world to answer... more

21 Dec 2021 · 59 minutes
Best Of - Pt. 2

Brian takes one last look at the incredible guests who have joined us on this deep dive journey into The... more

14 Dec 2021 · 58 minutes
The Office Deep Dive
Introducing: Off the Beat
The Office Deep Dive