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Career Confessions
Career Confessions
Andrea Martin

If you want to scale your career, do it on your terms while seeing your bank account grow, you landed in the... more

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Why Being More Productive Won't Solve Your Problems - EP086

Many of my coaching clients come to me wanting to be more productive because they aren't meeting some goal or... more

22 Aug 2022 · 12 minutes
3 Ways to Sidestep Career Blocking Branding Moves - EP085

What projects do you want to be known for? Do you want to be known as a leader or the... more

08 Aug 2022 · 15 minutes
Do You Have the Millionaire Mindset? - EP084

Do you have the millionaire mindset?   I am not talking about what you have in your bank account, although... more

25 Jul 2022 · 21 minutes
Q&A: Truth Bombs for Becoming the Creative Director of Your Life - EP083

I'm a big proponent of doing what it takes so all areas of your life flourish because we're not just... more

11 Jul 2022 · 22 minutes
A 4-Step Process to Clarity About What You TRULY Want - EP082

June brings us a new season and an invitation to reevaluate our goals as we step into the second half... more

13 Jun 2022 · 12 minutes
The Key Question To Ask Yourself When at a Career Crossroads - EP081

Do you feel like you are being pushed to decide what's next in your career?   Is time to change... more

06 Jun 2022 · 21 minutes
Strategies to Overcome Your Fear of Making the Wrong Career Choice - EP80

The idea that you must have a linear plan for your career path is a disservice to your potential and... more

23 May 2022 · 18 minutes
Tips to Maximize Your Executive Presence - EP079

You just received the email to schedule an interview for your dream position. Now what?   Do you schedule the... more

16 May 2022 · 18 minutes
5 Tips to Maximize Your Career Profile - EP078

What does your personal brand on LinkedIn say about you? Does it quickly express who you are in a way... more

09 May 2022 · 21 minutes
How to Shut Out the Noise and Focus on Your Truth -EP077

What happens on your bad days? You know the ones, maybe a huge project you were going to lead was... more

02 May 2022 · 26 minutes
Career Confessions
Why Being More Productive Won't Solve Your Problems - EP086
Career Confessions
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