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20TIMinutes: A Mental Health Podcast
20TIMinutes: A Mental Health Podcast
Tim McCarthy

Join host, Tim McCarthy, on his twenty-minute* podcast that focuses on mental health through the help of humor, insight, & personal stories.... more

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Interview w/ The NeuroDiverse Teacher™, Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston

Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston (The NeuroDiverse Teacher) is an award-winning education consultant, keynote speaker, published author, and mental health thought... more

18 May 2023 · 45 minutes
Interview w/ Yoga Therapist & Health Coach, Aimee Huffman

Aimee Huffman helps high achievers, entrepreneurs and competitors develop mental strength to heal holistically, manage their anxiety, and optimize overall... more

11 May 2023 · 41 minutes
Interview w/ CEO of OnePerfect, Dr. Sean Sullivan

Dr. Sean Sullivan is a psychologist and therapist, who is also the CEO of OnePerfect, which is a way to... more

04 May 2023 · 44 minutes
Ep. 117 - Hypersexuality vs High Sex Drive

Hypersexuality is compulsive sexual behavior or sexual addiction. It's an intense focus on sexual fantasies, urges or behaviors that can't... more

03 May 2023 · 20 minutes
The Sunday Struggle Sesh w/ Haley of the You'll Be Fine podcast

20TIMinutes Presents: The Sunday Struggle Sesh! A raw and uncut conversation about mental health within our personal lives and the battles... more

30 Apr 2023 · 1 hour, 29 minutes
Interview w/ CEO of EverBlume, Sonia Kahlon

Sonia Kahlon is an orthodontist, recovery coach, and healthcare entrepreneur. She is the CEO of EverBlume, which offers specialized small-group... more

27 Apr 2023 · 29 minutes
Ep. 116 - The Sex Talk

♫ Let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about you and me. Let's talk about all the good things. And... more

25 Apr 2023 · 20 minutes
Interview w/ Marley Freygang of the Confessions of a Wannabe It Girl Podcast

Marley Freygang is an actress and host of the Confessions of a Wanna Be It Girl. Which is a podcast that... more

13 Apr 2023 · 36 minutes
Ep. 115 - Murphy's Law

Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong."... more

12 Apr 2023 · 20 minutes
Ep. 114 - the Bipolar Boy

Tim has found his new moniker, the Bipolar Boy. In this episode Tim gives an update on where he's been,... more

04 Apr 2023 · 22 minutes
20TIMinutes: A Mental Health Podcast
Interview w/ The NeuroDiverse Teacher™, Dr. Kristen C. Eccleston
20TIMinutes: A Mental Health Podcast
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