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The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Project 2025, the latest inflation report, and Ari shares a ghost story.

On today's episode, Ari shares a ghost story, Isaac and Ari talk about Project 2025, the latest inflation report and... more

16 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
The latest economic signals.

The latest economic indicators. On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its Consumer Price Index (CPI) report for... more

13 Jun 2024 · 28 minutes
Israel's hostage rescue.

Israel's hostage rescue. On Saturday, Israel rescued four living hostages from inside the Nuseirat refugee camp in Central Gaza. The hostages were... more

13 Jun 2024 · 28 minutes
New York's traffic congestion pricing plan.

New York’s congestion pricing pause. On Wednesday, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) paused a plan to implement a “congestion” toll on... more

11 Jun 2024 · 30 minutes
The Hunter Biden trial.

Hunter Biden's trial. On Friday, federal prosecutors rested their case against Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, who is facing three felony... more

10 Jun 2024 · 29 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: The First Tangle Congressional Draft

On today's episode, Isaac and Ari hold the inaugural Tangle Congressional Draft. Each of them take turns selecting sitting members... more

09 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 57 minutes
Biden's new asylum rules.

Biden’s new border policy. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden issued an executive order to temporarily shut down all asylum requests... more

06 Jun 2024 · 30 minutes
Dr. Fauci's testimony before Congress.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s congressional testimony. On Monday, Dr. Fauci, the former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious... more

05 Jun 2024 · 38 minutes
Mexico's new president.

Mexico's new president. Over the weekend, Claudia Sheinbaum became Mexico's first female president in a landslide victory. Sheinbaum, a climate... more

04 Jun 2024 · 28 minutes
The new U.S. weapons policy in Ukraine.

Biden’s new rules for Ukraine. On Thursday, Politico reported that the Biden administration had permitted Ukraine to use U.S. weapons... more

03 Jun 2024 · 27 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Trump verdict predictions (spoiler: he's guilty). Plus, 2024 election predictions, and Ari returns!

On today's episode, Ari returns from his travels and Isaac couldn't be more thrilled, especially with Ari's mic choice. They... more

02 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 23 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: The Trump guilty verdict.

The Trump verdict. On Thursday, former President Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records to... more

31 May 2024 · 26 minutes
Louisiana's abortion pill law.

Louisiana’s abortion pill law. Last Friday, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry (R) signed a bill classifying two abortion-inducing medications as controlled... more

30 May 2024 · 28 minutes
The Supreme Court's ruling on racial gerrymandering.

South Carolina's congressional map. On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that South Carolina could use a... more

29 May 2024 · 35 minutes
Israel's strike in Rafah, and an update on the war.

The latest in the Israel-Hamas war. On Monday, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged a "tragic mistake" after a strike... more

28 May 2024 · 28 minutes
INTERVIEW: Isaac talks with Haviv Gur

I spoke with Haviv Gur, an Israeli analyst who  — in my humble opinion — is one of the deepest... more

26 May 2024 · 1 hour, 30 minutes
Texas Governor pardons man who killed BLM protester.

The Daniel Perry pardon. Last Thursday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) pardoned Daniel Perry, a former U.S. Army sergeant who... more

23 May 2024 · 38 minutes
The death of Iran's president.

The helicopter crash in Iran. On Sunday, a helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and six... more

22 May 2024 · 27 minutes
The Supreme Court's CFPB ruling.

The CFPB ruling. On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected a conservative-led challenge to the funding structure of the Consumer Financial... more

21 May 2024 · 38 minutes
The Samuel Alito controversy.

The Samuel Alito controversy. On Thursday, The New York Times reported that an American flag was hanging upside-down outside the... more

20 May 2024 · 23 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac opens up a 10 pack

Ari is on the road coaching the University of Vermont’s frisbee team in college nationals (Go Ari!). So this week,... more

19 May 2024 · 48 minutes
Biden imposes new tariffs on China.

Biden's China tariffs. On Tuesday, President Biden announced major new tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, advanced batteries, solar cells, steel,... more

16 May 2024 · 36 minutes
An update on Trump's hush money trial.

The latest in Donald Trump’s New York trial. This week, Trump's one-time personal lawyer Michael Cohen testified in the former... more

15 May 2024 · 24 minutes
The bird flu.

The bird flu. On Friday, the federal government unveiled a package of financial incentives to dairy farm owners that encourages... more

14 May 2024 · 25 minutes
Trump's classified documents case delayed indefinitely.

Trump's trial delay in Florida. Judge Aileen Cannon, who is presiding over former President Donald Trump's classified documents case, indefinitely... more

13 May 2024 · 27 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Rafah, Kristi Noem, Lab grown meat and more.

On today's Sunday podcast, Isaac shares some arguments about why Israel might be wise to pursue this invasion in Rafah.... more

12 May 2024 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
The Undecideds EPISODE 3 - The Age of Biden

For episode 3, our focus shifts from Donald Trump toward President Joe Biden. Much has been made in the media... more

10 May 2024 · 1 hour, 5 minutes
Israel begins Rafah invasion.

The Rafah invasion. On Monday, Israeli forces began striking targets in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza. During the course... more

09 May 2024 · 29 minutes
Trump weighs his choices for vice president.

Trump’s pick for vice president. Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump headlined the Republican National Committee’s spring donor retreat... more

08 May 2024 · 26 minutes
The global wealth tax debate.

A global wealth tax. Late last month, G20 ministers from Brazil, Germany, Spain, and South Africa signed a motion and... more

07 May 2024 · 25 minutes
Florida bans lab-grown meat.

Florida’s ban on lab-grown meat. On Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill that bans lab-grown meat in... more

06 May 2024 · 25 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about campus protests, the electoral college, and Donald Trump's flip-flop on mail-in voting.

Isaac and Ari talk about the ongoing protest on college campuses, the value of the electoral college, and Donald Trump's... more

05 May 2024 · 1 hour, 11 minutes
The government moves to reclassify cannabis.

Reclassifying marijuana. On Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland submitted a proposal for a White House review to reclassify cannabis as... more

02 May 2024 · 34 minutes
Biden's new Title IX rules.

Biden's Title IX changes. Earlier this month, the Biden administration released new Title IX rules designed to protect LGBTQ students... more

01 May 2024 · 27 minutes
The NPR controversy.

The NPR controversy. On April 9, National Public Radio's longtime business editor Uri Berliner published an essay in The Free... more

30 Apr 2024 · 28 minutes
SCOTUS hears Trump's immunity case.

Trump's immunity case. On Thursday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Trump v. United States. During arguments, the court... more

29 Apr 2024 · 27 minutes
The Sunday Podcast + TANGLE LIVE at City Winery April 2024

Isaac and Ari talk about Isaac’s experience at TED 2024, some advice on how to interact with Ari if you... more

28 Apr 2024 · 2 hours, 18 minutes
INTERVIEW: Isaac talks with former Congressman Ken Buck

A couple of weeks ago, we sent Tangle News YouTube and podcast editor Jon Lall to the home of former... more

26 Apr 2024 · 39 minutes
Criminalizing homelessness before the Supreme Court.

The homelessness case before the Supreme Court. During oral arguments on Monday, the Supreme Court seemed divided on City of... more

25 Apr 2024 · 28 minutes
The college campus protests.

Campus protests. Over the last week, protests on elite college campuses over Israel’s war in Gaza have boiled over, with... more

24 Apr 2024 · 30 minutes
Congress reauthorizes the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

FISA reauthorization. On Saturday night, President Biden signed legislation reauthorizing Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the... more

23 Apr 2024 · 29 minutes
House passes foreign aid, TikTok bills.

The House foreign aid and TikTok bills. On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed three separate foreign aid bills for... more

22 Apr 2024 · 30 minutes
Separate bills for aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan.

House Speaker Mike Johnson. In a closed-door meeting of Republican legislators on Monday, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA)... more

21 Apr 2024 · 25 minutes
Answering our reader and listener mailbag.

Every now and again, we have so many reader questions in the backlog that we decide to devote a full... more

19 Apr 2024 · 28 minutes
The Undecideds EPISODE 2 - Trump in question.

In episode 2, The Undecideds primarily talk about Trump’s legal troubles. How do they feel about his alleged crimes? How... more

18 Apr 2024 · 53 minutes
Trump's criminal trial begins.

Donald Trump's trial. On Monday, jury selection began in Manhattan for former President Donald Trump's trial for allegedly falsifying business... more

16 Apr 2024 · 27 minutes
Iran's attack on Israel.

Iran's attack on Israel. On Saturday, Iran launched 170 drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles toward Israel. Iran... more

15 Apr 2024 · 32 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Bali, Berkeley, and Biden's new loan forgiveness plan.

Isaac and Ari talk about Isaac’s recent trip to Bali, Biden’s new student debt forgiveness plan, a pro-Palestine protest at... more

14 Apr 2024 · 1 hour, 27 minutes
The latest mixed signals on the economy.

The economy. In the last week, the government made two big announcements on the economy. First, on Friday, the Department... more

11 Apr 2024 · 29 minutes
Biden's new student debt cancellation plan.

President Biden's new student loan cancellation plan. On Monday, President Biden unveiled a new plan that could erase some or... more

10 Apr 2024 · 26 minutes
Trump announces abortion position.

Trump's abortion position. On Monday, former President Donald Trump released a four-minute video announcing his position on abortion. Trump, who... more

09 Apr 2024 · 26 minutes
Six months of war in Gaza.

The latest on the war in Gaza. This Sunday marked six months since Hamas's attack in Israel on October 7,... more

08 Apr 2024 · 28 minutes
INTERVIEW: Isaac talks with US Senate Candidate Zach Shrewsbury

Zach Shrewsbury is a Marine Corps veteran, the grandson of a coal miner, a working-class Democrat, a father, and a... more

05 Apr 2024 · 21 minutes
The Florida abortion rulings.

The Florida abortion rulings. On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court affirmed the ruling of the First District Appeals Court that... more

04 Apr 2024 · 27 minutes
RFK Jr. picks his running mate.

RFK Jr.’s pick for vice president. On Tuesday, March 26, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced his running mate in his... more

03 Apr 2024 · 27 minutes
The Baltimore bridge collapse.

The bridge collapse in Baltimore. On Tuesday, March 26, a cargo ship lost power as it was leaving the Port... more

02 Apr 2024 · 27 minutes
Tangle takes spring break.

As we head into the Easter and Passover season, with Ramadan already here, and with many colleges and organizations observing... more

27 Mar 2024 · 5 minutes
The violence in Haiti.

Violence and unrest in Haiti. Over the past week, more than 230 U.S. citizens have been evacuated from Haiti as... more

26 Mar 2024 · 27 minutes
The terrorist attack in Russia.

The terrorist attack in Russia. On Friday night, four gunmen stormed Crocus City Hall, a concert venue outside Moscow, killing... more

25 Mar 2024 · 29 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about SOTU bets, Simon Rosenberg, and Trump coverage still sucks.

On today’s podcast, Isaac and Ari talk about their State of the Union bets, NCAA brackets and Caitlin Clark, Simon... more

24 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
INTERVIEW: Isaac talks with Andy Slavitt

Few people have had a closer look at the inner workings of our government than Andy Slavitt.In 2013, Slavitt oversaw... more

22 Mar 2024 · 52 minutes
Should we have a 32-hour workweek?

The 32-hour workweek. Last Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) introduced a bill to federally mandate a 32-hour workweek. Sanders’s bill... more

21 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
The SCOTUS social media case.

The Supreme Court's social media case. On Monday, the Supreme Court seemed likely to side with the Biden administration in... more

20 Mar 2024 · 26 minutes
Chuck Schumer's rebuke of Netanyahu.

Sen. Chuck Schumer and Benjamin Netanyahu. On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on Israel to hold new... more

19 Mar 2024 · 27 minutes
The Georgia election interference case.

The Georgia election interference case. Last week, there were two major developments in the 2020 election interference case in Georgia.... more

18 Mar 2024 · 26 minutes
PREMIERE EPISODE: The Undecideds - Episode 1 - Meet Our Voters

On our premiere episode, we will meet our five undecided voters. Handpicked by the team at Tangle, these voters —... more

17 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 11 minutes
INTERVIEW: Isaac talks with Evan Roth-Smith

On today’s episode, Isaac talks with Evan Roth-Smith. Evan Roth Smith is a campaign consultant and pollster whose work includes... more

15 Mar 2024 · 44 minutes
Robert Hur testifies to Congress.

Robert Hur’s testimony to Congress. On Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Hur testified in front of the House Judiciary Committee about... more

14 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
TRAILER - THE UNDECIDEDS - A limited podcast series. Premiering Sunday March 17.

From now until the election, we will follow the journeys of five voters from Florida, Ohio, California, Arizona and Pennsylvania,... more

13 Mar 2024 · 1 minute
Biden's 2025 budget proposal.

Biden's budget proposal. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden released a $7.3 trillion budget proposal for 2025, which if enacted would... more

13 Mar 2024 · 29 minutes
A "TikTok ban" is moving forward.

The TikTok ban. On Thursday, a bill that could make TikTok unavailable in the United States advanced in Congress, with... more

12 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
President Biden's State of the Union.

Biden's State of the Union. On Thursday night, President Biden delivered a combative, campaign-oriented State of the Union, contrasting himself... more

11 Mar 2024 · 30 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari respond to the Zionism piece

Isaac and Ari place some bets on the State of the Union, which took place Thursday evening after the podcast... more

10 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 13 minutes
Kyrsten Sinema retires.

Kyrsten Sinema. On Wednesday, the Democrat-turned independent senator from Arizona announced she would not run for re-election. Sinema, often heralded... more

07 Mar 2024 · 24 minutes
Special edition: Super Tuesday results.

Super Tuesday. On Tuesday, 16 states and one U.S. territory held their presidential nominating contests. There were also a number... more

06 Mar 2024 · 24 minutes
The Supreme Court reinstates Trump on Colorado's ballot.

Trump on the ballot. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that states cannot disqualify former President... more

05 Mar 2024 · 38 minutes
SCOTUS will hear Trump's immunity case.

Trump's immunity case. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court agreed to decide whether former President Donald Trump can be tried on... more

04 Mar 2024 · 39 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Aaron Bushnell, ask Mark Joseph Stern about SCOTUS, and chat about the new Dune movie.

On this week's episode: Isaac and Ari discuss Aaron Bushnell and the politics of language, chat with special guest Mark... more

03 Mar 2024 · 1 hour, 3 minutes
The Zionist case for a ceasefire.

On today's special Friday episode, Tangle founder and CEO Isaac Saul makes the case for a ceasefire — through both... more

01 Mar 2024 · 25 minutes
The Michigan primary results.

The Michigan primary. On Tuesday, Democratic and Republican voters participated in the Michigan primary, giving the first indication of where... more

29 Feb 2024 · 24 minutes
Two years of war in Ukraine.

Two years of war in Ukraine. On Saturday, Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky marked the second anniversary of Russia's full-fledged invasion... more

28 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
Trump wins South Carolina primary.

The South Carolina primary. On Saturday, former President Donald Trump defeated former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley in the state's... more

27 Feb 2024 · 22 minutes
Alabama's IVF ruling.

Alabama's IVF ruling. Last week, Alabama's Supreme Court ruled in favor of a group of couples suing an Alabama storage... more

26 Feb 2024 · 28 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Wisconsin and Alabama, if Biden did drop out, and porn (really).

On this week's episode: Isaac and Ari talk about Ari's the news out of Wisconsin and Alabama, if Biden should... more

25 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
The arrest of the Biden informant.

Alexander Smirnov. Last week, the FBI arrested Alexander Smirnov, an informant the FBI had used as a confidential source since... more

22 Feb 2024 · 25 minutes
The Trump fraud ruling.

The fraud judgment against Trump. On Friday, Manhattan judge Arthur Engoron ordered former President Donald Trump to pay over $354... more

21 Feb 2024 · 35 minutes
The Fani Willis testimony.

The Fani Willis testimony. On Thursday, the Fulton County, Georgia, district attorney took the stand in dramatic fashion. Willis is... more

20 Feb 2024 · 27 minutes
The Sunday Podcast: Isaac and Ari talk about Zionism and how Trump and Biden are not the same.

On this week's episode: Isaac and Ari talk about Ari's previous job working for NATO, disagreements in editing, why Democrats... more

18 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 36 minutes
Democrats win New York's 3rd Congressional District.

New York's 3rd Congressional district. On Tuesday, former Democratic congressman Tom Suozzi won a closely watched special election in New... more

15 Feb 2024 · 29 minutes
Trump's controversial NATO comments.

Trump's NATO comments. During a rally in South Carolina on Saturday, former President Donald Trump sparked controversy with comments about... more

14 Feb 2024 · 29 minutes
Valentine's Day Special: Phoebe returns.

On today's special episode of Tangle, we carry on with a Valentine's Day tradition. I sat down and talked with... more

14 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 16 minutes
The Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview.

Tucker Carlson's interview with Vladimir Putin. On Thursday last week, former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson released his interview with... more

13 Feb 2024 · 28 minutes
The Biden special counsel report.

The Biden classified document special counsel report. In a 388-page report released Thursday, the Special Counsel investigating President Joe Biden's... more

12 Feb 2024 · 27 minutes
The Sunday podcast: Isaac and Ari interview Daniel Bannoura

On this week's episode: Isaac and Ari sat down for an interview with Daniel Bannoura. Daniel is the founder of... more

11 Feb 2024 · 2 hours, 32 minutes
INTERVIEW: Bill O'Reilly

Before Tucker Carlson, the most consequential news anchor in America was Bill O'Reilly. Under his leadership, Fox News became the... more

09 Feb 2024 · 42 minutes
Michigan mom convicted in mass shooting case.

Jennifer Crumbley. On Tuesday, a Michigan jury convicted Crumbley, a school shooter's mother, on four counts of involuntary manslaughter for... more

08 Feb 2024 · 39 minutes
Appeals court says Trump is not immune.

Trump's immunity. On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously rejected former President Donald... more

07 Feb 2024 · 25 minutes
The Senate's border bill.

The Senate's border and foreign aid bill. On Sunday, Senate negotiators released the text of their $118 billion bill aimed... more

06 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
The social media hearings at Congress.

The social media hearings in Congress. On Wednesday, a group of executives from Meta, TikTok, Snap, Discord, X (formerly known... more

05 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
The deaths of U.S. troops in Jordan.

The death of U.S. soldiers. On Sunday, U.S. Central Command confirmed that three U.S. Army soldiers were killed and more... more

01 Feb 2024 · 26 minutes
Good news on the economy?

The latest economic news. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the U.S. economy grew much more rapidly than expected while... more

31 Jan 2024 · 34 minutes
The border standoff in Texas.

The Texas border standoff. On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government has the authority to access a... more

30 Jan 2024 · 36 minutes
The ICJ's ruling on genocide in Gaza.

The genocide charges against Israel. On Friday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague, The Netherlands, issued a... more

29 Jan 2024 · 30 minutes
The Sunday podcast: Isaac and Ari talk Bolivia, big layoffs and bold grievances.

On this week’s podcast, Isaac Saul (Founder) and Ari Weitzman (Managing Editor) talk about Isaac’s recent adventure in Bolivia and... more

28 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 28 minutes
The Israel-Hamas hostage negotiations.

The Israel-Hamas hostage negotiations. This week, Israel and Hamas have been exchanging offers in their negotiations to enter a ceasefire... more

25 Jan 2024 · 28 minutes
Trump, Biden win New Hampshire primary.

The New Hampshire primary. Last night, former President Donald Trump won New Hampshire's Republican primary in decisive fashion, earning 54.4%... more

24 Jan 2024 · 37 minutes
SCOTUS hears Chevron doctrine argument.

The Chevron doctrine. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo and Relentless, Inc. v.... more

23 Jan 2024 · 52 minutes
Ron DeSantis drops out.

Ron DeSantis. On Sunday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced he was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race, just... more

22 Jan 2024 · 24 minutes
Your questions, answered.

A reader mailbag. As we mentioned in yesterday's newsletter, Tangle founder and Executive Editor Isaac Saul is currently on a... more

19 Jan 2024 · 32 minutes
Trump wins Iowa caucuses.

The Iowa caucuses. On Monday, Donald Trump scored a landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses, kicking off the 2024 Republican... more

17 Jan 2024 · 27 minutes
Houthi attacks in the Red Sea, and the U.S. response

The Houthi attacks. On Thursday, the United States and Britain — with support from Canada, the Netherlands, and Bahrain —... more

16 Jan 2024 · 30 minutes
Everything we got wrong (and right) in 2023

Welcome to a new era in Tangle! Today will be the first episode with my Friday co-host, our Managing Editor,... more

15 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 37 minutes
Lloyd Austin's disappearance.

Lloyd Austin’s hospitalization. 70-year-old Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin disappeared from public view on New Year's Day, later disclosing that for... more

11 Jan 2024 · 28 minutes
Republicans and Democrats strike a deal.

The new spending deal. On Sunday, top Democrats and Republicans in Congress said they had come to an agreement on... more

10 Jan 2024 · 24 minutes
The Ohio trans healthcare legislation.

Gov. Mike DeWine and trans legislation. Just one week after vetoing a ban on gender-reassignment surgery, puberty blockers and hormone... more

09 Jan 2024 · 28 minutes
We're back: Biden's January 6 speech.

Biden's January 6 speech. On Friday, President Joe Biden delivered his first campaign speech of 2024 just outside Valley Forge,... more

08 Jan 2024 · 33 minutes
Thank you. For everything. And I'll see you soon.

Dear listeners,Christmas is around the corner, which means we are preparing for our annual break over the New Year here... more

22 Dec 2023 · 10 minutes
Trump gets barred from the Colorado ballot.

Trump and the Colorado Supreme Court. On Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that Donald Trump cannot appear on... more

21 Dec 2023 · 27 minutes
Texas makes illegal immigration a state crime.

The Texas immigration law. This past Monday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed SB4, a state bill creating a process... more

20 Dec 2023 · 27 minutes
The IDF mistakenly kills 3 Israeli hostages.

The deaths of three Israeli hostages. On Saturday, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) said it mistakenly killed three Israeli hostages... more

20 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
Republicans formally authorize Biden impeachment.

Biden's impeachment inquiry. On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled House voted to formally authorize its impeachment inquiry into President Biden, likely increasing... more

18 Dec 2023 · 26 minutes
A conversation with Palestinian-American Yousef Munayyer

The fundamental promise of Tangle is to share the best perspectives from across the political spectrum on the most divisive... more

15 Dec 2023 · 45 minutes
Trump's case goes to SCOTUS.

Trump and the Supreme Court. On Monday afternoon, the Supreme Court granted Special Counsel Jack Smith's request to bring before... more

14 Dec 2023 · 25 minutes
The groundbreaking Texas abortion challenge.

The Texas abortion case. On Monday, the Texas Supreme Court reversed a lower court's ruling that would have allowed a... more

13 Dec 2023 · 27 minutes
The testimony on antisemitism from college presidents.

The college presidents. On Saturday, Liz Magill, the president of the University of Pennsylvania, resigned amid controversy over remarks she... more

12 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
Kevin McCarthy announces retirement.

Kevin McCarthy. The California Republican and former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced last week that he will be retiring from... more

11 Dec 2023 · 23 minutes
10 thoughts on what is happening in Israel.

Friday editions are normally for paying subscribers. But, today, we wanted to share with those of you that exclusively listen... more

08 Dec 2023 · 37 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: The final Republican debate.

The final Republican debate. On Wednesday night, four candidates gathered in Alabama for the fourth and final Republican debate: former... more

07 Dec 2023 · 30 minutes
The war in Ukraine, and the U.S. funding fight.

The Ukraine war. On Saturday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg warned that there could be bad news coming out of... more

06 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
The climate change conference in Dubai.

COP28. The United Nations 28th Climate Change Conference, or Conference of the Parties, features a record 70,000 registered attendees. The... more

05 Dec 2023 · 26 minutes
Henry Kissinger's death.

Henry Kissinger's death. On Wednesday, Henry Kissinger, the long-time American diplomat and political scientist who was the only person to... more

04 Dec 2023 · 29 minutes
Nikki Haley gets Koch brothers endorsement.

Nikki Haley. On Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity Action (AFPA), the political network founded by the billionaire Koch brothers, endorsed Nikki... more

30 Nov 2023 · 24 minutes
The Voting Rights Act challenge.

The Voting Rights Act. Last week, a federal appeals court issued a ruling that only the U.S. government, not private... more

29 Nov 2023 · 24 minutes
A Supreme Court case that could reshape the government.

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jarkesy. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear a three-part case on the constitutionality of... more

28 Nov 2023 · 25 minutes
The George Santos ethics report.

The George Santos ethics probe. On November 17, House investigators released an ethics report that determined Rep. George Santos (R-NY)... more

27 Nov 2023 · 29 minutes
The Israel-Hamas hostage deal.

The Israel-Hamas hostage deal. Early Wednesday, Israel and Hamas agreed to a hostage deal and a four-day pause in fighting.... more

22 Nov 2023 · 27 minutes
Inflation finally hits Tangle (kind of)

We have a few special announcements to make today so we are skipping our regular newsletter. We will be back... more

21 Nov 2023 · 14 minutes
Congress passes temporary funding bill, averting shutdown.

The government funding bill. On Thursday, President Biden signed a stopgap funding bill to keep the federal government open until... more

20 Nov 2023 · 25 minutes
What should the U.S. do about Iran?

Iran. Since Hamas's attack on Israel, U.S. politicians and pundits have been debating how the United States should position its... more

16 Nov 2023 · 25 minutes
The Supreme Court's new code of conduct.

The Supreme Court's new code of conduct. On Monday, the Supreme Court issued its first-ever code of conduct after several... more

15 Nov 2023 · 26 minutes
Congress censures Rashida Tlaib.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). On Tuesday last week, the House voted 234-188 to censure Tlaib for her rhetoric about the... more

14 Nov 2023 · 26 minutes
The impact of Joe Manchin retiring.

Joe Manchin. On Thursday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced he would not seek re-election in 2024, a decision that will... more

13 Nov 2023 · 25 minutes
A fiery debate on Israel & Palestine

On Monday, I interviewed Hussein Aboubakr Mansour and Dan Cohen about the Israel and Palestine conflict. Mansour, an Egyptian-born Muslim... more

10 Nov 2023 · 1 hour, 40 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: The third Republican debate.

The third Republican debate. On Wednesday night, five Republican candidates took the stage in Miami, Florida, to debate foreign policy,... more

09 Nov 2023 · 35 minutes
Tuesday's election results.

Tuesday's election results. Yesterday, voters across the U.S. cast ballots in gubernatorial races, state House races, state Supreme Court races,... more

08 Nov 2023 · 28 minutes
Trump polling ahead of Biden in swing states.

The latest 2024 polls. One year out from the 2024 presidential election, former President Donald Trump is polling ahead of... more

07 Nov 2023 · 24 minutes
Sam Bankman-Fried found guilty.

Sam Bankman-Fried's conviction. On Thursday, the FTX founder was convicted of stealing billions of dollars from customers of his crypto... more

06 Nov 2023 · 26 minutes
The mass shooting in Maine.

The mass shooting in Maine. On Wednesday, October 25, an Army reservist killed 18 people and injured 13 others at... more

02 Nov 2023 · 28 minutes
Strike ends, United Auto Workers get a deal.

The United Auto Workers deal. On Monday, General Motors and United Auto Workers struck a deal that ended the union's... more

01 Nov 2023 · 24 minutes
Mike Pence drops out of presidential race.

Mike Pence. On Saturday, Mike Pence announced the end of his 2024 presidential campaign during a speech at the Republican... more

31 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: Dean Phillips is running for president.

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN). The third-term Minnesota congressman announced that he will be running in the Democratic primary, issuing an... more

30 Oct 2023 · 21 minutes
Republicans elect Mike Johnson as Speaker.

Mike Johnson (R-LA). Yesterday, Republicans in the House of Representatives elected Johnson their new Speaker. His election ended three weeks... more

26 Oct 2023 · 27 minutes
Trump's associates plead guilty in Georgia.

The guilty pleas in Georgia. In less than a week, three of Trump’s former associates have agreed to cooperate with... more

25 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
The deficit balloons to $2 trillion.

The U.S. deficit. In the current fiscal year, the U.S. deficit has effectively doubled from $1 trillion to $2 trillion.You... more

24 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
Donald Trump's gag orders.

Donald Trump's gag orders. Former President Trump has been put under gag orders in two separate trials where he is... more

23 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
The explosion at a Gaza hospital.

The Gaza hospital explosion. On Tuesday, reports broke that the al-Ahli Arab Hospital, founded in 1882 by the Anglican church,... more

19 Oct 2023 · 29 minutes
The latest on the House Speaker race.

Jim Jordan. The Ohio Republican failed to win the requisite votes to become Speaker on Tuesday, leaving his future in... more

18 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
Biden tries again on student debt cancellation.

Student loans. Earlier this month, student loan repayment restarted for the first time in three years. Shortly thereafter, President Biden... more

17 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
The Israel-Palestine protests in the U.S.

The protests in the United States. All across the U.S., pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protests have been roiling college campuses and... more

16 Oct 2023 · 28 minutes
RFK Jr. is running as an independent.

RFK Jr. Earlier this week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced he will be running for president as an independent and... more

12 Oct 2023 · 28 minutes
Biden's border wall.

Biden's border wall. Last week, the Biden administration said that it was waiving 26 federal laws in South Texas to... more

11 Oct 2023 · 26 minutes
The attacks on Israel, and the response.

The attack on Israel. Over the weekend, Hamas militants executed a surprise attack on Israel from Gaza, killing over 900... more

10 Oct 2023 · 35 minutes
I'd like to tell you a quick, remarkable story

Today's Friday edition is a personal essay about something that happened to me last week. If you're a new subscriber,... more

06 Oct 2023 · 10 minutes
The lawsuits against Amazon and Google.

The Amazon and Google lawsuits. Last week, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ⁠filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon⁠, accusing the... more

05 Oct 2023 · 27 minutes
Kevin McCarthy gets ousted.

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to remove McCarthy as Speaker, marking the first time in American... more

04 Oct 2023 · 27 minutes
Dianne Feinstein dies, and her replacement is appointed.

Dianne Feinstein and Laphonza Butler. On Thursday night, Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein died at her home in Washington, D.C., at... more

03 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
The government... doesn't shut down?

The non-shutdown. In a dramatic few hours on Saturday, Congress avoided a government shutdown as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)... more

02 Oct 2023 · 25 minutes
HOW TO FIX OUR BROKEN ELECTIONS: Isaac talks with Nick Troiano

For all the talk about how broken some parts of our democracy are, very few people are actually doing something... more

02 Oct 2023 · 34 minutes
The second Republican debate.

The second Republican debate. On Wednesday night, seven Republican candidates for president participated in the second Republican debate at the... more

28 Sep 2023 · 36 minutes
Rupert Murdoch steps down.

Rupert Murdoch steps down. On Thursday, 92-year-old Rupert Murdoch announced he was stepping down from his role as chairman of... more

27 Sep 2023 · 26 minutes
Democrat Bob Menendez is indicted.

Sen. Bob Menendez. On Friday, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and his wife Nadine were indicted on three federal bribery charges... more

26 Sep 2023 · 30 minutes
I'm observing Yom Kippur today.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest holiday on the Jewish calendar, and I'll be spending most of the day in... more

25 Sep 2023 · 9 minutes
A looming government shutdown (again).

A potential government shutdown. This week, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has struggled to wrangle his caucus as they attempt... more

21 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
The Iran prisoner swap.

The Iran prisoner swap. On Tuesday, following two years of negotiations, five Americans freed by Iran arrived back in the... more

20 Sep 2023 · 26 minutes
Mitt Romney retires.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). Last week, Romney announced he would not seek re-election in 2024, opting to retire after one... more

19 Sep 2023 · 24 minutes
The United Auto Workers strike.

The United Auto Workers strike. On Friday, nearly one in 10 unionized auto workers in the United States went on... more

18 Sep 2023 · 29 minutes
The gun ban in New Mexico.

New Mexico's gun ban. On Wednesday, a federal judge temporarily blocked a ban on carrying guns in Albuquerque, New Mexico,... more

14 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
Republicans launch Biden impeachment inquiry.

The Biden impeachment inquiry. On Tuesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy opened a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, pushing... more

13 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
The Biden administration's First Amendment violation.

The social media censorship case. On Friday, a federal appeals court said the Biden administration likely violated the First Amendment... more

12 Sep 2023 · 25 minutes
The migrant crisis in New York City.

The migrant crisis. On Wednesday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) claimed that an influx of an estimated 110,000... more

11 Sep 2023 · 28 minutes
Is Ukraine's counteroffensive working?

The Ukraine counteroffensive. The war in Ukraine has dragged on for 18 months. This summer, the Ukrainian military has been... more

07 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
Mitch McConnell's health.

Mitch McConnell. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) froze last week for more than 30 seconds while fielding questions from... more

06 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
A pivotal moment for U.S. workers.

The state of labor. Monday was Labor Day, an annual celebration of the social and economic achievements of American workers.... more

05 Sep 2023 · 27 minutes
The debate over Medicare drug price negotiations.

Medicare drug pricing. On Tuesday, the Biden administration named 10 drugs that will be subjected to the first-ever price negotiations... more

31 Aug 2023 · 27 minutes
House Republicans launch Fani Willis investigation.

House Republicans' investigation of Fani Willis. On Thursday, House Republicans announced an investigation into Fani Willis, the district attorney in... more

30 Aug 2023 · 22 minutes
The rise of Vivek Ramaswamy.

Vivek Ramaswamy. The Republican nominee for president has surprised pundits and the political class by climbing up the ranks of... more

29 Aug 2023 · 27 minutes
Yevgeny Prigozhin's death.

Yevgeny Prigozhin's death. On Sunday, Russian authorities confirmed the death of Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was on the... more

28 Aug 2023 · 25 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: The first 2024 Republican debate.

The Republican primary debate. Last night, eight candidates took the stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a live, two-hour debate. Frontrunner... more

24 Aug 2023 · 31 minutes
The surprising Hunter Biden special counsel.

Hunter Biden's special counsel. On August 11, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he was naming David Weiss, the U.S. attorney... more

23 Aug 2023 · 27 minutes
The Hawaii wildfires.

The Hawaii fires. On August 8, a series of deadly wildfires erupted on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The death... more

22 Aug 2023 · 27 minutes
We're back: Trump's Georgia indictment.

The Fulton County, Georgia, indictments. Last week, a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia, indicted former President Donald Trump and... more

21 Aug 2023 · 29 minutes
RE-RUN: Texas Right to Life's John Seago

Hi all! We are on vacation this week, but to keep things flowing, we are bringing you some past editions.... more

17 Aug 2023 · 48 minutes
RE-RUN: Clementine Morrigan on cancel culture, social justice, and white guilt.

Hi all! We are on vacation this week, but to keep things flowing, we are bringing you some past editions.... more

16 Aug 2023 · 55 minutes
RE-RUN: Jacob Mchangama on the history of free speech.

Hi all! We are on vacation this week, but to keep things flowing, we are bringing you some past editions.... more

15 Aug 2023 · 37 minutes
RE-RUN: A conversation with Andrew Yang.

Hi all! We are on vacation this week, but to keep things flowing, we are bringing you some past editions.... more

14 Aug 2023 · 42 minutes
Biden's controversial new national monument.

The Grand Canyon monument. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden designated the fifth national monument of his presidency. The Baaj Nwaavjo... more

10 Aug 2023 · 25 minutes
Ohio's special election results.

On Tuesday, Ohio voters rejected a ballot measure, dubbed Issue 1, that would have made it harder to amend the... more

09 Aug 2023 · 26 minutes
The U.S. gets downgraded, explained.

Last week, the Fitch Ratings agency downgraded the U.S. government's top credit rating from AAA to AA+, a decision that... more

08 Aug 2023 · 25 minutes
Trump gets indicted (again).

The latest Trump indictment. On Tuesday, Donald Trump was indicted in a criminal case accusing him of illegal acts during... more

07 Aug 2023 · 28 minutes
A special podcast from Isaac.

Four years ago, we picked a fight with partisan media in the United States. Nearly every weekday since, we've published... more

03 Aug 2023 · 11 minutes
The legacy admissions debate.

Legacy admissions. This week, the United States Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona suggested that the Supreme's Court's decision to strike... more

02 Aug 2023 · 24 minutes
The new Trump charges.

The new Trump charges. On Thursday, special counsel Jack Smith filed additional charges against former President Trump tied to his... more

01 Aug 2023 · 25 minutes
"Bidenomics" and the state of the economy.

On Thursday, the Commerce Department reported that the U.S. economy grew by a 2.4% annualized rate in the second quarter,... more

31 Jul 2023 · 28 minutes
Florida's new African American studies curriculum.

Florida's African American studies curriculum. Last week, the Florida Board of Education approved a controversial new curriculum to teach African... more

27 Jul 2023 · 27 minutes
SPECIAL EDITION: International news round-up

International affairs. Since we are a daily newsletter focused on U.S. issues and can't go deep on every single topic... more

26 Jul 2023 · 28 minutes
The Hollywood strike.

The Hollywood strike. Last week, Hollywood actors joined the screenwriters’ strike, marking the first dual-union strike the industry has seen... more

25 Jul 2023 · 27 minutes
The IRS whistleblowers.

The IRS whistleblowers. On Wednesday, two whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service testified in front of Congress about the investigations... more

24 Jul 2023 · 25 minutes
Today's debate: Republicans' controversial military bill.

Republicans’ NDAA bill. On Friday, House Republicans passed a sweeping defense bill called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). NDAAs... more

20 Jul 2023 · 27 minutes
Today's debate: Pramila Jaypal's comments on Israel.

Israel and Rep. Pramila Jayapal. On Sunday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), the Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, apologized for... more

19 Jul 2023 · 24 minutes
INTERVIEW: Alejandra Oliva and Simon Hankinson talk with Isaac about immigration and border policies.

Our podcast editor, Jon, is traveling today. So, we wanted to use this time to release an interview we’ve had... more

18 Jul 2023 · 1 hour, 1 minute
Today's debate: Tommy Tuberville's abortion protest.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL). Tuberville has been blocking all nominations for senior military positions over his disagreement with a Defense... more

17 Jul 2023 · 29 minutes
Today's debate: No Labels third-party run.

No Labels. Next week, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is set to headline an event in New Hampshire sponsored by... more

13 Jul 2023 · 29 minutes
A controversial ruling on homelessness.

The Ninth Circuit's homelessness ruling. On Thursday, the most powerful federal appeals court in the western United States reaffirmed that... more

12 Jul 2023 · 26 minutes
Sending cluster bombs to Ukraine.

Cluster munitions to Ukraine. U.S. officials confirmed this weekend that they plan to provide Ukrainian troops with "cluster munitions," controversial... more

11 Jul 2023 · 26 minutes
The heat records set last week.

Heat records. For four straight days last week, Earth’s temperature tied or broke the record for hottest days since record... more

10 Jul 2023 · 25 minutes
Biden v. Nebraska.

On Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that the Biden administration acted unconstitutionally when it announced the... more

07 Jul 2023 · 25 minutes
The same-sex wedding website ruling.

303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. On Friday, the Supreme Court sided with a Colorado web designer who argued that the... more

06 Jul 2023 · 28 minutes
The Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling.

Affirmative action. On Thursday, the Supreme Court determined in a 6-3 decision that considering race in university admissions is unconstitutional.... more

05 Jul 2023 · 29 minutes
Impeaching Joe Biden.

Impeaching Joe Biden. Last week, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduced a resolution to impeach President Joe Biden, citing "high crimes... more

29 Jun 2023 · 25 minutes
SCOTUS rejects independent state legislature theory.

In a 6-3 decision on Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected independent state legislature theory (ISL), the legal theory that embraces... more

28 Jun 2023 · 26 minutes
John Durham's testimony.

On Wednesday, Special Counsel John Durham testified for over five hours before Congress. Durham spent four years scrutinizing the origins... more

27 Jun 2023 · 25 minutes
The military mutiny in Russia.

Over the weekend, Russia's President Vladimir Putin accused a mercenary group he has employed in the war in Ukraine of... more

26 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
The RFK Jr. and Joe Rogan interview.

On June 15, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on Joe Rogan's podcast to describe his outlook on vaccine safety and... more

22 Jun 2023 · 29 minutes
The Hunter Biden plea deal.

On Tuesday, a court filing revealed that Hunter Biden's lawyers and the Justice Department have struck a deal for him... more

21 Jun 2023 · 27 minutes
INTERVIEW: Michael Dorf and Neil Buchanan talk with Isaac about the debt ceiling.

Today, we are talking with Michael Dorf and Neil Buchanan. Michael is a Law Professor and Scholar of U.S. Constitutional... more

20 Jun 2023 · 38 minutes
Is inflation finally going away?

Inflation. On Tuesday, the Department of Labor reported that inflation has risen at 4% year-over-year in May, meaning it was... more

15 Jun 2023 · 27 minutes
The House Freedom Caucus revolt.

Republicans, the House Freedom Caucus, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On Monday, Speaker McCarthy struck a deal with a group... more

14 Jun 2023 · 25 minutes
The Supreme Court's voting rights ruling in Alabama.

The Supreme Court voting rights ruling. On Thursday, the Supreme Court ordered Alabama to create a second majority-black district, throwing... more

13 Jun 2023 · 27 minutes
The Trump indictment.

The Trump indictment. On Friday afternoon, former President Donald Trump's indictment was unsealed. The Department of Justice has charged Trump... more

12 Jun 2023 · 30 minutes
Pence and Christie jump into the race.

Mike Pence and Chris Christie. This week, former Vice President Mike Pence (R) and former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie... more

08 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
The Ukraine counteroffensive (and the dam attack).

The Ukraine war. Yesterday, as Ukraine's counteroffensive appeared to be underway, news broke that  a major dam and hydroelectric power... more

07 Jun 2023 · 24 minutes
Pride Month controversy.

Pride month. June in the United States is Pride Month, when members of the LGBTQ community celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual,... more

06 Jun 2023 · 26 minutes
Why are insurers fleeing California?

California home insurers. Last week, State Farm said it would stop selling new insurance policies to homeowners in California as... more

05 Jun 2023 · 23 minutes
RFK Jr. is running against Biden.

RFK Jr. In April, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed paperwork to run for president in 2024 as a Democrat. The... more

01 Jun 2023 · 25 minutes
The Supreme Court's Clean Water Act decision.

The Clean Water Act. On Thursday, the Supreme Court established a more stringent test to determine whether the Clean Water... more

31 May 2023 · 26 minutes
The Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling deal.

The debt ceiling deal. Days before a potential default, President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced an agreement to... more

30 May 2023 · 23 minutes
Ron DeSantis is running for president.

Ron DeSantis. Florida's Republican governor officially announced his 2024 presidential campaign on Wednesday; first by releasing a campaign launch video,... more

25 May 2023 · 24 minutes
The Supreme Court's Section 230 decision.

Twitter v. Taamneh and Gonzalez v. Google LLC. On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled against the family of a 2017... more

24 May 2023 · 23 minutes
Tim Scott is running for president.

Tim Scott. On Monday, South Carolina Republican Tim Scott officially announced his bid for president in 2024. Scott, a 57-year-old... more

23 May 2023 · 23 minutes
U.S. agrees to send Ukraine F-16 jets.

F-16s for Ukraine. The United States and its allies are planning to provide F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine as part... more

22 May 2023 · 22 minutes
The debt ceiling standoff intensifies.

The debt ceiling. Negotiations over the debt ceiling appear to be coming to a head. President Joe Biden and House... more

18 May 2023 · 25 minutes
John Durham's final report.

The Durham report. On Monday, special counsel John Durham released his long-awaited report examining how the FBI handled its investigation... more

17 May 2023 · 26 minutes
The Daniel Penny charges.

The Daniel Penny charges. Daniel Penny, who was seen putting Jordan Neely in a chokehold on a New York subway... more

16 May 2023 · 22 minutes
The Biden investigation findings.

The Biden investigation. Last week, the House Oversight Committee released an interim report saying it had unearthed evidence that Biden's family members,... more

15 May 2023 · 24 minutes
The End of Title 42 (for real this time).

Title 42. On Thursday, May 11, the controversial Trump-era public health restriction will come to an end at midnight. Title 42... more

11 May 2023 · 24 minutes
The Trump verdict.

Today's topic contains descriptions of sexual assault and language that may be inappropriate for some readers.Donald Trump and E. Jean... more

10 May 2023 · 27 minutes
North Carolina's Supreme Court makes a splash.

North Carolina's Supreme Court. Earlier this month, the North Carolina Supreme Court sided with Republicans in three major rulings: upholding... more

09 May 2023 · 24 minutes
Jordan Neely's death.

Jordan Neely's death. On Monday afternoon, Neely was aboard a subway train in New York City when he began shouting... more

08 May 2023 · 23 minutes
The Supreme Court will re-examine Chevron.

The Chevron deference. On Monday, the Supreme Court said it would reconsider the so-called Chevron deference, a 1984 precedent that... more

04 May 2023 · 24 minutes
Should Dianne Feinstein retire?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). The 89-year-old senator has served in the Senate for more than 30 years, making her the... more

03 May 2023 · 22 minutes
A Supreme Court ethics bill.

Supreme Court ethics. In the last few weeks, calls for a Supreme Court code of conduct have grown louder. On... more

02 May 2023 · 23 minutes
Republicans pass debt ceiling bill.

The debt ceiling. On Wednesday, House Republicans narrowly passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling to $31.4 trillion while... more

01 May 2023 · 23 minutes
Michael Morell's testimony.

Michael Morell. Last week, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, sent a letter to Secretary of... more

27 Apr 2023 · 24 minutes
Biden announces his 2024 run.

Biden 2024. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden officially announced his plan to run for president in 2024, setting up a... more

26 Apr 2023 · 25 minutes
Tucker Carlson ousted by Fox News.

Tucker Carlson. On Monday, Fox News announced it was parting ways with Tucker Carlson, its most popular primetime host and... more

25 Apr 2023 · 25 minutes
The Supreme Court's abortion pill order.

The Supreme Court's mifepristone order. On Friday night, the Supreme Court granted a request from the Biden administration and a... more

24 Apr 2023 · 21 minutes
Russia's arrest of Evan Gershkovich.

Evan Gershkovich. On Tuesday, a Russian court upheld the detention of Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who was arrested... more

20 Apr 2023 · 23 minutes
The Fox News settlement.

The Fox-Dominion settlement. On Tuesday, Fox News agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million to settle their defamation lawsuit and avoid... more

19 Apr 2023 · 24 minutes
The Bud Light-Dylan Mulvaney controversy.

Bud Light. Last week, one of America's most iconic beer brands became the center of a culture war controversy after... more

18 Apr 2023 · 24 minutes
Jack Teixeira gets arrested for intel leaks.

Jack Teixeira. On Thursday, the 21-year-old U.S. Air National Guardsman was arrested by the FBI for allegedly leaking classified military... more

17 Apr 2023 · 21 minutes
The expulsion of two Tennessee Democrats.

Tennessee’s legislators. On Wednesday, Tennessee lawmaker Justine Pearson was reinstated to the state House after a unanimous vote from the... more

14 Apr 2023 · 22 minutes
Two years ago, I quit my job. Today, I need your help.

Please, help us out by watching this trailer for the new Tangle YouTube channel!Support us with a subscription here or... more

13 Apr 2023 · 12 minutes
A major intelligence leak.

Last month, a trove of about 100 pages of classified documents began appearing on Discord, an app for group discussions.... more

12 Apr 2023 · 22 minutes
The abortion pill ruling.

On Friday, mifepristone, the most commonly used method of abortion in the United States, was thrown into legal ambiguity after... more

11 Apr 2023 · 24 minutes
The Trump charges, and we're taking a break.

Yesterday, former President Donald Trump was arraigned and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg unsealed his indictment and statement of facts in the case. At... more

05 Apr 2023 · 12 minutes
The critical race in Wisconsin.

On Tuesday, voters in Wisconsin will vote in an election that could impact not just abortion rights in Wisconsin and... more

04 Apr 2023 · 22 minutes
The Trump indictment.

In mid-March, we covered the "imminent" Trump indictment after the former president said he was going to be arrested in... more

03 Apr 2023 · 22 minutes
Republicans pass "parental rights" bill.

On Friday, House Republicans passed an education bill focused on "parental rights" in the classroom, making a major political statement... more

30 Mar 2023 · 22 minutes
The child labor laws in Arkansas.

Earlier this month, Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed HB1410, known as the "Youth Hiring Act of 2023." Most controversially,... more

29 Mar 2023 · 24 minutes
The protests in Israel.

On Monday, weeks of protests in Israel hit a fever pitch as hundreds of thousands of residents took to the... more

28 Mar 2023 · 24 minutes
Interest rates go up (again).

Last week, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the ninth time since March of 2022, this time by a... more

27 Mar 2023 · 22 minutes
INTERVIEW: Political psychologist Steven Kull

On today's episode, we sit down with political psychologist Steven Kull and talk about developing new methods for giving us... more

24 Mar 2023 · 32 minutes
A TikTok ban.

Members of Congress are proposing a TikTok ban. What are the best arguments for and against it? Plus, a reader... more

23 Mar 2023 · 22 minutes
The Iraq War anniversary.

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. On March 17, 2003, former President George... more

22 Mar 2023 · 24 minutes
Vladimir Putin's arrest warrant.

On Saturday, the International Criminal Court accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes, and issued a warrant for his... more

21 Mar 2023 · 21 minutes
The "imminent" Trump indictment.

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump claimed he is going to be arrested on Tuesday and called for supporters to... more

20 Mar 2023 · 27 minutes
The Republican position on Ukraine.

On Monday, Fox News published the results of a questionnaire it presented to every leading Republican presidential candidate about their... more

16 Mar 2023 · 29 minutes
Biden approves a new oil drilling project.

On Monday, the Biden administration said it was going to approve an oil drilling project in Alaska's North Slope, a... more

15 Mar 2023 · 27 minutes
The SVB bank failure, explained.

Over the weekend, U.S. regulators took over Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) after it collapsed on Friday morning. In a matter... more

14 Mar 2023 · 28 minutes
Biden proposes a new budget.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden released a $6.8 trillion budget plan for 2024 that he says will cut deficits by... more

13 Mar 2023 · 27 minutes
INTERVIEW: Political psychologist Steven Kull

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On today's episode, we sit down with political psychologist Steven Kull and talk about developing new methods for giving us (the people)... more