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Incarnation Read – a Horror Podcast
Incarnation Read – a Horror Podcast
C. S. W.

INCARNATION READ ("red") is a horror anthology podcast. Released every 2-3 weeks, it catalogues moments where the reality we have long found... more

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SEASON 3 UPDATE – Incarnation Read

Follow this link to subscribe to HEMOPHOBIA and listen to the teaser trailer currently live on that feed: https://pod.link/1643281842 Myth, Episode 29... more

04 Dec 2022 · 1 minute

Introducing – Re: Dracula A bite-sized audio adaptation of the horror classic Dracula, Re: Dracula will drop an episode each day... more

10 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
Double Vision

BONUS – DOUBLE VISION This very special episode of INCARNATION READ is for the APOLLO CREATOR SHOWCASE, a showcase of the... more

24 Sep 2022 · 25 minutes
Trailer – Apollo Creator Showcase 2022

PRESENTING: The APOLLO CREATOR SHOWCASE, a showcase of the best audiodrama creators on the best audiodrama podcatcher. If you want... more

24 Sep 2022 ·
MINISODE - Jake Jones

Join now: http://patreon.com/cswhorror This month's lucky winner to have a minisode crafted for him based off his very own worst fears,... more

11 Aug 2022 · 7 minutes
INTERVIEW - A Chat with Soren Narnia of Knifepoint Horror

I had the immense privilege of talking with the pioneer of anthology horror podcasting himself: Soren Narnia of the massively... more

27 Jul 2022 · 49 minutes
S2E28 – Phobia

S2E28 – PHOBIA My name is Doctor Adam Dwyer, and I know not what I have found. --- Thank you all very, very... more

18 Jun 2022 · 44 minutes
S2E27 – Blackout Part II

S2E27 – BLACKOUT Part II When the lights are on, I see my home. When the lights are off, I see... more

28 May 2022 · 37 minutes
S2E26 – Blackout Part I

S2E26 – BLACKOUT Part I When the lights are on, I see my home. When the lights are off, I see... more

14 May 2022 · 28 minutes
S2E25 – Guardian

S2E25 – GUARDIAN You need to protect her. It's who you are. And when you can't, who do you become then? CONTENT... more

30 Apr 2022 · 34 minutes
Incarnation Read – a Horror Podcast
SEASON 3 UPDATE – Incarnation Read
Incarnation Read – a Horror Podcast
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