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Brand it! with Petchy
Brand it! with Petchy

Strategic branding shouldn't be complicated! Buckle up, because you’re about to discover that brand strategy isn’t just for 7-figure celebrity entrepreneurs or massive... more

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The importance of a human approach to branding in 2023 and beyond

With all the recent talk about artificial intelligence I thought it would be fun to “invite” ChatGPT to be my... more

25 Jan 2023 · 13 minutes
Strategy first: why foundations matter w/ Kelsey Gilbert-Kreiling

It should come as no surprise to regular listeners that I take a very strategy-driven approach with my work. A... more

21 Dec 2022 · 55 minutes
OMG! It's a rebrand!

OK, so this is exciting! And terrifying. But mostly exciting. When you're a brand designer, one of the hardest damn... more

23 Nov 2022 · 11 minutes
The Brand values, not bland values experience w/ Stephanie Graham

“I have done many values exercises but found absolute clarity in embracing your challenge.” That was the response from Stephanie Graham, after... more

09 Nov 2022 · 50 minutes
Stand out by being yourself w/ Maddie Peschong

Do I have a treat of a conversation for you today? Yes, yes I do! In this episode, I have... more

26 Oct 2022 · 46 minutes
The building blocks of trust

What makes us trust a brand? I know, hard to put your finger on, isn’t it? It somehow feels so…... more

12 Oct 2022 · 8 minutes
Position yourself as a pioneer — even as an introvert w/ Suzi Gray

Tune in as I chat with Suzi Gray, an online business mentor who likes her humour served dry. You can... more

28 Sep 2022 · 52 minutes
You can't rush quality

You can’t rush quality. In this episode, I talk about the current obsession with instant gratification, and why it’s not... more

14 Sep 2022 · 16 minutes
Brand it! spotlight with Lynn Dutrow

I'm kicking autumn off with a special client spotlight episode to highlight my Brand it! Group programme. For those of you... more

17 Aug 2022 · 34 minutes
Email Mastery - relationship-building emails that power your business growth w/ Eman Ismail

In this episode, we’re going to be diving into the topic of… emails! And I have invited a guest on,... more

22 Jun 2022 · 44 minutes
Brand it! with Petchy
The importance of a human approach to branding in 2023 and beyond
Brand it! with Petchy