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We Heart Mom Jokes
We Heart Mom Jokes
As Always Productions

Welcome to the We Heart Mom Jokes Podcast. This is a series where Lalita and Smita, two comics who are moms talk... more

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21. Season 3 is on!

We're back! Did you miss us? Some say we refuse to stop. We say we're unstoppable. Join us as we... more

10 Nov 2021 · 14 minutes
20. WFH? WTF?

Lisa Rothman thinks about Working From Home a lot. Like, a lot, alot. She thought about it so much that... more

10 Aug 2021 · 34 minutes
19. Outer Space and Inner Minds

Cristina Fernandez joins us to talk about all sorts of journeys. Some to outer space. And some to even an... more

26 Jul 2021 · 30 minutes
18. Awkward and Amazing

Srilatha Rajamani joins us to talk about being true to yourself, even if that means feeling a little uncomfortable at... more

08 Jul 2021 · 32 minutes
17. Mom vs Dad Jokes. The Showdown!

Erin Patrick joins us as we nerd out on the joys and challenges of comedy. We talk about roast, toasts... more

22 Jun 2021 · 37 minutes
16. Paparazzi or parent?

Kim Evey joins us to talk about the unspoken challenges of parenting which include surprisingly large amounts of photography. We... more

10 Jun 2021 · 35 minutes
15 Playground Truth Council

Lisa Gilbert, mother of triplets (yes, with a T) joins us to talk about hard and soft truths and how... more

28 May 2021 · 32 minutes
14. Pre-Bonus Season 3

In this short episode, we ruminate on the wisdom of the Buddha who we believe more or less (paraphrasing here)... more

12 May 2021 · 14 minutes
13. Bonus season 2

We recap season 2 and also cover important subjects such as whether it's emotional cheating to consult a psychic, alternative... more

12 Mar 2021 · 10 minutes
12. You do you, nothing else works

We talk to Emily Paige about the importance of being true to yourself because the alternative is... not good. We... more

03 Mar 2021 · 34 minutes
We Heart Mom Jokes
21. Season 3 is on!
We Heart Mom Jokes
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