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How Agencies Thrive
How Agencies Thrive

How Agencies Thrive is dedicated to helping forward-thinking, digitally savvy, lean-and-mean marketers win in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Learn more at www.stackadapt.com.

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S4 E12 | Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

Discover strategies for mixing channels effectively, utilizing paid programmatic advertising, and ensuring consistent branding on social media. Host Sneha Suhas... more

28 Feb 2024 · 22 minutes
S4 E11 | Strategies for Travel Marketing

Unlock programmatic ads, personalization, and trends shaping up in travel marketing for 2024. Discover success metrics, privacy insights and challenges... more

07 Feb 2024 · 33 minutes
S4 E10 | Political Advertising: Trends & Strategies

Delve into the evolving world of political advertising to explore trends, challenges, and effective strategies in the digital age. Sneha... more

24 Jan 2024 · 41 minutes
S4 E9 | Must-Know Digital Advertising Trends for 2024

Step into the future of advertising as we unravel the anticipated marketing trends which are set to redefine 2024's digital... more

10 Jan 2024 · 37 minutes
S4 E8 | Quick Strategies for Holiday Advertising Success

In this special episode we're uncovering last-minute strategies that will supercharge your holiday campaigns. Sneha Suhas is joined by programmatic... more

22 Nov 2023 · 28 minutes
S4 E7 I B2B SaaS Marketing: How to Navigate Unique Challenges

For your B2B SaaS marketing to thrive, you need to create compelling content that explains complex products through a personalized... more

08 Nov 2023 · 40 minutes
S4 E6 | Cart to Conversion: How to Harness E-commerce Trends

Learn how you can leverage personalization to enhance customer experiences, and drive conversions for your e-commerce business. Sneha Suhas is... more

25 Oct 2023 · 24 minutes
S4 E5 | Global Trends in Advertising Spend

We're unpacking year-over-year growth in ad spend across global markets including Europe, Asia, and North America. Sneha Suhas chats with... more

11 Oct 2023 · 23 minutes
S4 E4 | Audience Segmentation Strategies With HubSpot

Learn how audience segmentation can enable marketers to personalize content and create a consistent brand message. Host Sneha Suhas from... more

27 Sep 2023 · 23 minutes
S4 E3 | AI and The Power of Programmatic

Dive into the world of AI and programmatic advertising to learn the advantages of AI-driven platforms. Get an informed look... more

13 Sep 2023 · 30 minutes
How Agencies Thrive
S4 E12 | Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies
How Agencies Thrive
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