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The Daily Music Business Podcast
The Daily Music Business Podcast
Dropout Media & Sound Talent Media

The Daily Music Business Podcast brings you advice for achieving your independent music career every day. Whether you are a new artist... more

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Online Networking

Pandemic got you down? Scotty and Matty talk about ways to network on the webernets. Do people still say webernets?... more

17 May 2021 · 43 minutes
How to figure out who your ideal client/fan is with Katie Zaccardi

Today host Katie talks about how to figure out who your ideal client and fan is, including why it's important,... more

13 May 2021 · 15 minutes
Stefan Mersch On Youtube For Bands

We get Sun Voyager bassist and Benjamin Moore marketing man Stefan Mersch to talk Youtube strategy for bands. This one... more

11 May 2021 · 26 minutes
Thinking about starting a membership? Listen up! With Katie Zaccardi + Bree Noble

Today host Katie brings on co-host Bree Noble to help you identify what money-making offer you should add to your... more

06 May 2021 · 23 minutes
Release Day Routine | Monica Strut Hosts

In this episode, I share with you what I do on release day to be as productive as possible and... more

05 May 2021 ·
Nate Carson of Nanotear Booking

Want a roadmap to how touring is going to come together over the next few months in the US? Our... more

04 May 2021 · 30 minutes
Twitter and Your Band

Scotty and Matty break down Twitter for bands! This is a big one for anyone looking to reach that next... more

03 May 2021 · 22 minutes
The Music Biz Roadmap - When & Where to Invest in your Career with Katie Zaccardi

Today with host Katie Zaccardi, we're talking about Music Biz Roadmap - or the different phases of growth in your... more

29 Apr 2021 · 10 minutes
Roman Hodl Of District 19 Booking!

A lot of you have been asking about when shows will come back in Europe and what that will look... more

27 Apr 2021 · 35 minutes
What Is A Label Looking For Anyway?

Bands are always trying to understand what labels are looking for. Matty and Scotty, two guys who have spent their... more

26 Apr 2021 · 34 minutes
The Daily Music Business Podcast
Online Networking
The Daily Music Business Podcast
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