Show Your Business Who's Boss

Show Your Business Who's Boss

Pia Silva
Sep 24, 2020 45 min

EP 22: The Effect Our Money Stories Have On How We Spend, Invest, and Save or Don't Save

What’s your money story? Money stories originate from events and people in our past—like our parents or primary caregivers—and they often shape our mindset around money in the present. These stories influence how we spend our money, invest, save or don’t save, and how we feel about money—as well as all of our hangups and issues around money. In this episode, I’m going to talk all about my own money stories—starting with when I found out that my dad was an accountant—and how my relationship with money has evolved over time. Interestingly, the reason I talk about money so much is that it’s the tool for getting all the things I actually want—which, ironically, have nothing to do with money. Money opens up time and freedom and it’s a tool to be able to work on projects that I want. Tune into this solo episode with Pia to hear: About the evolution of my relationship with money How all the money stories we’re carrying around impact our daily lives Why it’s so helpful to hear others’ money mindset stories so you can work through your own How growing up in New York City impacted what I thought about money A mental exercise to use to uncover some of your own money stories Learn more about Pia: ( ( ( Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( ( Resources mentioned in this episode: ( ( ( Jorgovan Podcast: How My Mindset On Money Has Evolved ( Show Your Business Who's Boss: Episode 16 (
Sep 17, 2020 1 hr 1 min

EP 21: How To Stop Dwelling On Why It Can’t Work and Get Into the Driver’s Seat Of Your Business with Amanda Silver

What happens when you realize that you don’t like what you offer anymore? Do you jump ship and try something new? Or does fear hold you back from making moves? More often than not, entrepreneurs get stuck in thinking that this offer is the only thing people will hire them for—and by leaving it behind, you’re leaving money on the table. But imagine for a second if all the parts of your business you loved could actually bring you MORE money, if only you could get creative in how to present and deliver it? Figuring out how to make it happen, instead of dwelling on why it can’t, is what it means to get in the driver's seat, and what it looks like to show your business who’s boss Today I’m chatting with a client who I’ve had the pleasure of coaching on and off for over a year now, and have excitedly watched her step into being the badass boss of her business, Amanda Silver. Amanda is a leadership consultant, coach and trainer for social change leaders and organizations, and she is passionate about creating thriving teams and cultures that get things done. Her unique approach focuses on heart and mind leadership and draws on expertise in mindfulness, emotional-intelligence, and strength-based mindsets. Tune into this episode to hear: When Amanda finally decided to shift away from a service that made the most money, to the service she really wanted to offer.. And ultimately how she made ˆ money doing it Amanda’s evolution from being at the mercy of referrals to getting in the driver's seat where she now confidently knows there is a steady flow of clients headed her way How Amanda finally embraced a boss-mindset with a long term view of her business and finances—one that celebrates and, for the first time ever, welcomes lulls between clients because she knows she NEEDS that time to support her business growth Learn more about Amanda Silver: ( Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Sep 10, 2020 1 hr 15 min

EP 20: Contracting Coronavirus in Afghanistan, Engaging with Fear, and A Different Approach to Personal Growth with Jesse Sommer

Fear: an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Fear is a pretty common human experience. Yes, it keeps us safe but it also keeps us from doing things that could have a positive impact on our lives, too. Think about, for example, taking bold steps towards a business goal. Maybe you want to appear on 10 podcasts this quarter. But, the first step is to actually put yourself out there and open yourself up to rejection. That’s where many people stop—they’re afraid that the no’s will cause them pain and therefore they’d rather avoid it altogether. But sometimes facing the fear, knowing that you can do hard things, is the best way to grow into the person who might not fear that thing again in the future. Take it from my friend, Captain Jesse Sommer, who will share some of the ways he’s overcome fear through his experience in the U.S. Army. Jesse is a command judge advocate and Paratrooper who just returned from another tour in Afghanistan where he contracted COVID so we are happy to have him back state-side, safe and sound. Jesse’s also a JD/MBA and small business owner and, as you’ll hear, a bit of an accolade whore with a 20-year life-plan unlike anything I’ve seen anywhere else. Tune into this episode to hear: A different approach to personal growth than the one we usually talk about here—hint: it involves jumping out of planes in the dark with a parachute that may or may not open How true leaders understand their responsibility for those under their command The benefits of having a crystal clear life goal and how Jesse’s inspires him to jump out of bed each morning even when he’s purposefully being starved and sleep-deprived during various Army trainings Learn more about Jesse Sommer: We Don’t ‘Remember History’ By Erecting Monuments by Jesse Sommer ( All of Jesse’s columns on The Altamonte Enterprise ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Sep 03, 2020 1 hr 25 min

EP 19: Going Against PR Traditions, Learning When to Say No, and The Power of Self-Discipline with Renee Sieli

Do you want to be seen as the authority in your space? Then you need to be the authority! And, truthfully, becoming the authority you’re meant to be all comes down to self-discipline in your life and business. You can go so much further by just keeping your word to yourself, showing up, and doing the work every day. Not sure where to start with self-discipline? Choose one thing and commit to it for 30 days. That’s it. And if you miss a day? Start over on day one. If that doesn’t sound appealing, I get it! I am VERY resistant to being told what to do—even if I’m telling myself to do it. But I found that by committing to myself, I grew my self-confidence and self-esteem. On today’s episode, I'm chatting with my dear friend and boss of her business, Renee Sieli, all about the power of self-discipline and how she runs her super badass boutique PR firm, ERPR Group, that specializes in finance, technology, media, and entertainment. I won’t give it away here but she has a very unique business model that blows other PR companies out of the water and can serve as an inspiration to anyone running a small service business on how to really stand out as an expert and get paid the big bucks. Tune into this episode to hear: How going against the traditional PR model is getting her clients 10x the results One of Renee’s daily habits that keeps her on the cutting edge of her industry We debate whether or not you can guarantee PR to a client Our shared addiction to-do lists and how we’re coping The 30-day challenge we have both taken with life-changing results that you can start right after this episode! Learn more about Renee Sieli: ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( ( Other resources from this episode: Principles by Ray Dalio
Aug 27, 2020 50 min

EP 18: Leveraging Your Network for Profit, Where to Put Your Efforts, and the Alchemy of Building Relationships with Dov Gordon

Are you strategically networking to get clients? If you’re just starting out, networking is a great short-term client-hunting strategy and one that I recommend often. But if you’re going out there and throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping to connect with the right people by random, you might be wasting your time and effort. Without a strategy, your networking efforts could possibly derail you from making progress and actually building your business in a smart and sustainable way. To show your business who’s boss, anything you spend a lot of time doing needs to have some sort of bigger, long-term strategy behind it. On today’s episode, I’m excited to speak with the master of leveraging relationships and turning them into profit with the boss of his business, Dov Gordon. Dov helps consultants get ideal clients by becoming “under-the-radar” leaders in their industry by building what he calls an alchemy network of highly vetted, ideal clients and referral partners. He runs a number of these groups himself and he coaches consultants on how to start and run their own profitable alchemy network for consistent referrals. Tune into this episode to hear: A smarter way to leverage your network and time to build your business How important it is to go all in on a client-attracting strategy that fits YOUR personality Whether putting yourself front and center in your branding is considered celebrity branding or just ‘the only way to show you’re an expert’ Learn more about Dov Gordon: ( Free Guide: Learn How To Be An Under-The-Radar Leader ( Follow Consistent Flow of Clients on Facebook ( Connect with Dov Gordon on Facebook ( Connect with Dov Gordon on LinkedIn ( Follow Dov on Twitter ( Follow Dov on Instagram ( Subscribe to Dov on YouTube ( Learn more about Pia: ( ( ( Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Aug 20, 2020 1 hr 2 min

EP 17: Persuasive Visual Story, Pivoting During COVID, and Capturing the Magic Shot with John DeMato

Do the photos of you online represent the best you? Are they representing you like a true expert? Do they let your personality shine through or are they a little stiff? It’s not uncommon for business owners to grab a camera and have their friends take a few shots for their website or simply open selfie mode on their iPhone and upload the best of the shots to their social media accounts. These kinds of pictures do the trick—but, as you’ll hear today, having a persuasive and cohesive visual strategy across all your online channels takes more than a nice photo or two. On today’s episode, I’m excited to introduce branded lifestyle portrait and virtual photographer, John Demato. John collaborates with speakers, trainers, and other expert-based business owners to create an emotional connection with their audience through persuasive visual storytelling. John helped me get over my fear of the camera and has shot most of the photos of me online, including my book cover. And as you’ll hear in the episode, I cannot tell you how powerful it was for my brand to get a library full of branded lifestyle photos and how quickly it helped me level up in the eye of my audience. Tune into this episode to hear: How John successfully pivoted his in-person photography business to virtual during COVID What really needs to happen between you and your photographer if you want that MAGIC shot that connects with your audience What you need to do if you want to turn your passion, in photography or otherwise, into a sustainable and fulfilling business Learn more about John DeMato: ( Connect with John on LinkedIn ( Connect with John on Facebook ( The Persuasive Expert Photo Program ( Persuasive Visual Storytelling Guide for free ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Aug 13, 2020 45 min

EP 16: Using Personality Tests With a Team, Visualizing a Future, and Doing More Than One Thing Well with Jake Jorgovan

Anyone can take a personality test. I bet you’ve taken quite a few yourself before. They’re easily accessible, insightful, and entertaining. Rarely, though, do people take what they’ve learned and applied it practically into their lives. But what if we did? What if you applied the information to structure your work day, what you work on and what you outsource, and even what your business should focus on? Spending the majority of your time working on things in your zone of genius is a great way to be more effective AND more fulfilled—and that might just be your next step to showing your business who’s boss. Today’s guest is a huge proponent of personality tests and a total boss of his business, Jake Jorgovan. Jake is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and business advisor and the Founder of Lead Cookie, Content Allies, and Arete Incubator. Through these companies he’s generated $40M+ in sales for his clients. He’s also the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast and shares the raw lessons of his entrepreneurial journey at Tune into this episode to hear: How to use personality tests, like Strengths Finder, to most effectively focus your time, and communicate with those around you How a personality test helped Jake find a much more effective position for one of his employees Jake’s brilliant hiring process that helps him save time by weeding out 95% of applicants upfront and still find the person who will best fit in with the team Plus, Jake helps me get my mind right about bringing people in house Learn more about Jake Jorgovan: ( ( ( ( Jake’s About Me page ( ( Connect with Jake on LinkedIn ( Learn more about Pia: ( ( ( Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( ( Other resources from this episode: CliftonsStrengths (
Aug 06, 2020 52 min

EP 15: The Joy of the Smart Hustle, Building Fan Base, and Thriving in the Life You Want with Ramon Ray

Most entrepreneurs are addicted to the hustle. They think that a never ending to-do list of writing email newsletters, queuing up the next Facebook ad campaign, tweeting their latest blog post, and launching new programs is the foundation to success and path to fulfillment. That’s not to say those aren’t effective at growing your business—and they might be just what you need to do to show your business who’s boss… … but what if there’s a smarter way to hustle? What if we skip the to-do list? And, what if we find that by skipping the hustle as-is and take a smarter approach that we build our fan base, strengthen our skills, and heighten our brand all in one fell swoop? On today’s episode, I’m chatting with an old friend from my networking days, Ramon Ray. Ramon is the founder of Smart Hustle Media, a content platform for small businesses. He’s also a global speaker, event host and producer, and the best selling author of Celebrity CEO. When I think of Ramon, I think of one of the best networkers I know and his track record shows it. Not only is he a highly sought after commentator on marketing, technology, mindset, startup, and more—his expertise and networking skills have taken him to the White House to present to the President’s staff, he’s testified to Congress, he was with Ivanka Trump in India for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, and he even interviewed President Obama in his first live video chat. Tune into this episode to hear: How Ramon monetizes his personal brand without offering any coaching, programs, or selling digital products Ways to determine what space you can be a celebrity in Why all entrepreneurs seem naturally addicted to the hustle How to turn the hustle into smart hustle Learn more about Ramon Ray: ( ( Follow Ramon on Twitter ( Follow Ramon on Instagram ( Celebrity CEO Book ( Sign up for the Survive and Thrive Summit on 8/20/20—5 hours, 20 speakers all LIVE ( Learn more about Pia: ( ( ( Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Jul 30, 2020 1 hr 22 min

EP 14: The Importance of Focus, How to Multiply Your Money, and One Life-Changing Week On a Cruise Ship with Cole Hauptfuhrer

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy in our business. We’re afraid to fail... so we don’t try new things. We’re fearful about putting ourselves out there… so we don’t launch new projects. We hold ourselves back from what’s possible when we swim in circles around that fear—especially when we allow it to keep us from taking action towards growth. If you resonate with that, you’re not alone. Fear is a common experience for many entrepreneurs—we even talked about fear and using our businesses as a tool for personal growth with Evan Horowitz in Episode 13. But if you’re finding that fear is holding you back from taking action, it might be a good time to seek out someone who pushes you into the deep end, who believes in your capacity, and who encourages you and keeps it real. That person can be a friend, a family member, or even a business coach—whatever works! Having someone on your side who’s willing to say things you don’t want to hear might be just what you need to show your business who’s boss. On today’s episode, I’m excited to speak with an old friend of mine and Steve’s, someone who rented a desk in our office, whose business we branded long ago, general boss of his life and business, Cole Hauptfuhrer. Cole is the Chief Executive Fishmonger of Find Fat Fish, where he has been popping people’s stock cherries since 2010. He’s the author of 12 Steps to Your First Stock and the Supreme Leader of the Your First Stock Workshop. Tune into this episode to hear: How Cole is multiplying his money every year and why building his business is a key part of that Where responsibility starts—and ends—when coaching people The importance of focus and how we both love doing new things more How one week on a cruise ship completely changed the course of Cole’s life, and what you can learn from it, too Learn more about Cole Hauptfuhrer: ( Find Fat Fish on Facebook ( Your First Stock Workshop (an 8-Week Online Group Workshop) ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (
Jul 23, 2020 53 min

EP 13: Building Awareness, Living Courageously, and Using Business as a Personal Growth Gym with Evan Horowitz

We all know that being a business owner means constantly being forced to face your fears, try new things, and fail… then try again and again and again. These challenges force us to grow—even if we’re not paying attention. Now imagine how impactful, effective, and powerful you could be in your business if you intentionally welcomed those challenges and that failure because you wanted the growth that came with it? How powerful would it be to notice each day how you’re feeling and use that information to inform how you show up the next day and the day after that? Well, my friends, that might be exactly what you need to show your business who’s boss. Today, I’m delighted to speak with someone who sees business as a personal growth gym and one of my first business coaches, the person who actually helped me coin the phrase “Badass Brands” back in 2013, boss of his business Evan Horowitz. Evan is a serial entrepreneur, Harvard MBA, personal development junkie, growth advisor for entrepreneurs, and CEO of Movers+Shakers, an award-winning video marketing agency that’s all about spreading joy, TikToking, and breaking engagement records. His agency is behind the most viewed TikTok video—at 11 billion views—and Ad Week called it the most influential campaign on TikTok! Tune into this episode to hear: The one thing that drives all of our decisions in business and life How to build more personal awareness and how that can lead to a more centered life One action we can all take today to make our experience in life richer Using our businesses as a vehicle for personal growth Simple ways to make business more fun and less high stakes Learn more about Evan Horowitz: ( ( Join the TikTok 101 Webinar ( 4 secrets to grow your business like a CEO eBook ( Evan Horowitz on LinkedIn ( Movers+Shakers on Instagram ( Movers+Shakers on LinkedIn ( Learn more about Pia: The Show Your Business Who's Boss Crash Course ( Start reading the first chapter of my book ( (