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Heated, Limina House

The HEATED podcast is a limited run series that demonstrates that COVID-19 and the climate crisis cannot be separated. In a series... more

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Things we learned

Over six episodes, HEATED explored how the emerging coronavirus pandemic and the long-growing climate change crisis were overlapping existential threats.... more

11 May 2020 · 34 minutes
"I don't need the access anymore."

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi has been an extreme weather reporter, he’s mastered explaining the DOW and now he’s one of the... more

28 Apr 2020 · 42 minutes
Rage only gets you so far

Mary Annaise Heglar is a singular voice. She is uncompromising and unapologetic. Her recent Wired piece, “We Can't Tackle Climate... more

28 Apr 2020 · 37 minutes
Explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old

Dr. Aaron Bernstein has an extraordinary commitment to children. He’s a pediatrician and is the Interim Director at Harvard C-Change... more

28 Apr 2020 · 32 minutes
COVID-19 is the dress rehearsal for the climate apocalypse

Strap in because environmental justice organizer Anthony Rogers-Wright brings the heat. In his role as the policy coordinator for the... more

28 Apr 2020 · 34 minutes
It's a great time to be evil

The New Republic’s Kate Aronoff is our guest and shares some creative policy solutions to the climate and pandemic crises.... more

28 Apr 2020 · 38 minutes
Bill McKibben on solidarity in the time of social distancing

Bill McKibben has been a leader in the climate movement for more than 20 years as a journalist, author, and... more

28 Apr 2020 · 36 minutes
Things we learned
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