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Aug 17, 2020 41 min

100. The Last First 10s: Top Ten Ways to Stay Woke - Season Finale

Episode 100 - Congratulations to the Challenge Yo Self podcast for an unbelievably marvelous journey to 100 episodes. Thanks so much to our listening community for listening, sharing, adding us as friends on social media and interacting daily with us. We look forward to getting to know our global community so much more in Season 2 and on our website and social media pages. Ashley and Joy send you MUCH LOVE. We challenge you to stay woke in the following 10 ways: 10. Wash Yo Face and Stop Apologizing (Rachel Hollis) 9. Stay up on the latest news (except when you need a break from the noise) 8. Listen to and check your gut 7. Ask questions 6. Serve and interact with people and communities who are not like you. 5. Volunteer one day a month with a small group of trusted friends 4. Read to grow and watch documentaries to not repeat past mistakes 3. Communicate with your governmental leaders/congressional leaders. Go to to check the voting records of your state elected officials. 2. Get to know your local officials. Reach out and connect. 1. Become a Mentor. And, yes, you can mentor virtually. Season 2 is not far away, but in the meantime, stay connected with us via: Website: IG and Facebook: @challenge.courage Leave us a message: Listen to us on Bullhorn via phone: 857-385-7709 Thanks to our global community that continues to tune in: Ireland, UK, The Phillippines, Australia, Nigeria, Germany, Belgium, our amazing country - the US and its territory, Puerto Rico. Listen to us on: Anchor, Breaker, Google, Apple, Spotify, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, and iHeartradio Challenge Yo Self! #womenwhopodcast --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 16, 2020 47 min

99. Adulting 101: When Our Parents Need Parenting

Episode 99 - Can you believe we've recorded 99 episodes of the Challenge Yo Self podcast since April? This has been the epic journey of a lifetime, and we have one more episode to go before we close out Season 1 and give you an opportunity to binge Season 1 for the new few months. In this episode we talk about the circle of life, when the parent becomes more fragile and less agile, and it's up to adult children to step into a role we never thought we would reach. That can be challenging, but it also brings families closer together. We also discuss the fact that parents of adult children don't know how to let go sometimes and we have to remind them "we got this". This is an episode you don't wanna miss as we talk about the blessing and burden of aging parents and challenge you to live your best life for you. When you are addicted to approval, you waste time fighting for words you may never hear such as "I'm proud of you" or "you're a great daughter or son". Don't live your life by others' words for you or to you. Family is important, but your developmental years train you to walk well as an adult. And, when you feel limited, gain coping skills. We would hope that our parents/guardians see our light, even when they refuse to see us as grown ups with our own opinion (haha). Website: IG and Facebook: @challenge.courage Leave us a message: Listen to us on Bullhorn: 857-385-7709 Challenge Yo Self! --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 15, 2020 42 min

98. Make the Choice. Don’t Let the Choice Make You

Episode 98 - Imagine you’re in a room with multiple doors, infinite outcomes. You’re the room and you’re standing there staring at the doors, anxious and unwilling to move. This is what indecisiveness looks like. This your stuck place and you don’t have to stay there. Ashley and Joy discuss the power of the choice and how it impacts you now and later. You may want to listen to this podcast twice. There is no right or wrong. There is only the motion of thinking and moving. Or even deciding to stay in the place where you are. We talk about the power of responsibility. You’re responsible for your choices. Will you make some and be grounded in what you’ve decided? This episode is a wake up call. Let’s challenge ourselves to wake up and be present now. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage #challengeyoself #boldstandards #decisions #womenineducation #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #education #selfawareness #responsibility #selfawareness #travel #selfsabotage --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 14, 2020 45 min

97. Historymakers! Recognize them. Make sure you are one.

Episode 97 - Where were you when you heard Senator Kamala Harris was chosen as the first Black and the first Indian woman chosen as a Vice Presidential pick who may indeed be Vice President in a few short months? Yes indeed it is the case that Kamala may be America’s next Vice President! And we absolutely had to discuss the history making moment on the podcast + everything else including Kanye’s sock shoes, Iowa’s tattoos, the USPS, the fight over cell phones, Senate recess and more. This is an interesting podcast and Joy’s mom keeps calling during the recording. Tune in to our crazy antics today and have a blast. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage #challengeyoself #boldstandards #politics #womenineducation #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #education #selfawareness #responsibility #publichealth #iowa #travel #destress --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 13, 2020 1 hr 0 min

96. Adventures with Ashley: From the Sandhills to the Cornfields

Episode 96 - It’s storytime on the Challenge Yo Self podcast. Though she didn’t meet her husband yet, Ashley shares her two-day adventure from the East coast of America to America’s heartland state of Iowa. She drove through NC, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and made it to great state of Iowa. Hear stories about her dramatic drive and interesting arrival into Iowa. We did bring up the Karens and yes I did bring up the black and brown people. You’ll laugh. You’ll wonder what happened. You’ll feel empowered. You’ll start planning your trip cross country and brushing up on American history. So let’s hear Ashley’s road trip adventures. Laugh along with us. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage #challengeyoself #boldstandards #developyourniche #womenineducation #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #education #selfawareness #authentic #publichealth #iowa #travel #destress --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 10, 2020 31 min

95. The First 10s: Top Ten Reasons for Heading Back to School (especially Grad School)

Episode 95 - Why obtain higher learning? Why invest in graduate school? Is it worth it? Ashley and Joy take you on a journey through the top ten reasons for going to school and specifically share the reasons for obtaining a graduate degree. Many have expressed sentiments that higher education no longer matters. We disagree. It’s more important than ever in the current economic climate we have experienced in 2020. You’ll hear us discuss open doors, finding your niche, overcoming imposter syndrome, meeting other students from across the globe. Tune in and decide whether grad school is for you. Tune in and decide whether higher education is the right education for you. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage #challengeyoself #boldstandards #developyourniche #womenineducation #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #education #selfawareness #authentic #publichealth #learning #successtips #destress --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 04, 2020 50 min

94. Brain and Body Weekly: Clear Skin and Vulnerability

Episode 94 - Perhaps there’s a connection between clearer skin and being more vulnerable? Maybe. Gain highly researched tips on the best remedies to increase skin health. Let’s remember that the skin is a organ too! Also we share tonight that vulnerability is not a choice, but a part of life. If you want greater relationships and authenticity consider your level of vulnerability. Read on below for the articles discussed in the cast. Ready to hear sound research and strong discussion? Join us weekly for updates from mental and public health. But FYI this the final brain and body update of our Season 1 podcast. It’s been super delightful and challenging to be with you. Challenge Yo Self podcast hosts, Ashley and Joy, unveil Brain and Body Weekly on TUESDAY and challenge you to stop by to share your thoughts. “Skin goals”: and “Is Vulnerability a Choice”: Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 03, 2020 46 min

93. The First 10s: Top Ten Ways to Make Peace with Yourself

Episode 93 - In this final First 10s of Challenge Yo Self podcast’s we countdown the TOP TEN WAYS TO MAKE PEACE WITH YOURSELF. It’s our most challenging and real top ten list yet, and we suggest listening to this several times and taking some notes. So we are giving nothing away. This time we challenge you to find a quiet corner and truly listen fully. Listen intently and share your thoughts with with us. Challenge Yo Self podcast unveils its top ten EVERY MONDAY and challenges you to stop by to share your tips with us. As we near the end of Season 1 we are excited for you to hear what’s coming up next. So don’t miss one part of this episode. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage #challengeyoself #boldstandards #peace #womenineducation #selfimprovement #mentalhealth #forgiveness #alonetime #selfawareness #authentic #youmatter #learning #successtips #destress --- Send in a voice message:
Aug 01, 2020 25 min

92. Our Five-Star Foodie Excursion

Episode 92 - What to eat when you’re out and sexy for the first time in a while? Ashley and Joy take a foodie leap of faith to go out in NC’s Capital city one evening after work. Hear real unedited conversation at a five-star dining experience from two girls who desired a world outside of fast food, DoorDash, and cooking. Feeling somewhat normal for a moment was heaven. See the food pics from the experience on our podcast Instagram page @challenge.courage. Cheers to Oro restaurant. And no we do not own the rights to any of the songs playing in the restaurant. But we loved it... hence the random singing. Join us. Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage --- Send in a voice message:
Jul 30, 2020 44 min

91. What would you do for an engagement ring?

Episode 91 - Let’s be honest. Many singles have probably put our engagement hopes on the shelf since the pandemic. Bills are due. And, suddenly the cutesy meal ordering people were doing slowed down as we tried to make sense of the state of the nation and world. So, as Ashley and Joy reminisced one night about interesting happenings from back in the day... Joy was reminded of the 300 sandwiches fiasco/wonderment/inspiration, a blog created by Stephanie Smith about 8 years ago. Ashley and Joy started googling to find articles about the 300 sandwiches couple. Yes do you remember them perhaps? One night long ago, Stephanie made her boyfriend a sandwich, which he devoured and loved. He then said “you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring”. Suddenly a blog was born affectionately named We wanted to know what happened to this couple. Were they happy? Healthy? Still in love? Were sandwiches still part of their daily lives? Yes we needed to know and we also wanted to share our findings with you. So... catch all the deets in this podcast. And, Stephanie and Eric, whereever you are, keep it fresh! And even as we write this... we just found out more sauce. The couple and their gorgeous baby live in the Dominican Republic. Yes we found you! @stefsmith on Instagram. We stan you right now, Stephanie and Eric, as couple goals!!! Look at what 300 sandwiches can do. What would you do for an engagement ring? Website: Email: [email protected] Instagram and Facebook: @challenge.courage Article to read on the couple: The food: The proposal: The NY Post article: #relationships #sandwiches #foodlove #marriage #foodies #education #challengeyourself #podcastwell #takenotes #dating #lessons Challenge Yo Self! --- Send in a voice message:
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