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Deep Cuts
Deep Cuts
Boy Genius

Hosts Dave Baker and Andrew Price walk you through the ins and outs of a particular topic in film, television and pop... more

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How Mr. Rogers Saved Porn

Fred Rogers built a children's show empire throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, but also somehow ended up nearly... more

25 Jan 2023 · 1 hour, 52 minutes
SCP Foundation, Internet Horror Empire Pt. 2

In the late 2000s a series of user-generated Internet horror stories popped up on 4-Chan. It would turn into a... more

18 Jan 2023 · 2 hours, 10 minutes
SCP Foundation, Internet Horror Empire Pt. 1

In the late 2000s a series of user-generated Internet horror stories popped up on 4-Chan. It would turn into a... more

11 Jan 2023 · 2 hours, 16 minutes
A Very Merry Unraveling of the Space-Time Continuum

Dave, Spandrew, and the gang are having their annual holiday party when everything starts to unravel. -- Join our Discord server! https://bit.ly/deepcutsdiscord -- Pick up... more

09 Jan 2023 · 53 minutes
Twilight of the Superheroes, Greatest Comic Never Made

In the late 80s, Alan Moore almost made the greatest DC comics crossover event of all time. All we have... more

14 Dec 2022 · 1 hour, 51 minutes
Danbury Trashers, Mafia-Run Hockey Team

In the early 2000s, a mafia-connected multi-millionaire gave his 17-year-old a pro hockey team... and that's when the chaos began. -- Join... more

10 Dec 2022 · 1 hour, 11 minutes
Count Dante, Kayfabe Karate Master

In the late 60s and early 70s, a man named Count Dante marketed himself as "the most dangerous man on... more

30 Nov 2022 · 56 minutes
Bob's Game, Weirdest Video Game Stunt Ever

In the late 2000s/early 2010s, a man named Bob set out to get his game onto a Nintendo console. It... more

23 Nov 2022 · 1 hour, 23 minutes
Billy Meier, UFO Photographer

He's responsible for some of the most iconic UFO photographs that you've definitely seen at least once. He also started... more

16 Nov 2022 · 1 hour, 21 minutes

In the early 2000s, one man in a small Colorado town was pushed just a little too far...and so he... more

02 Nov 2022 · 1 hour, 15 minutes
Deep Cuts
How Mr. Rogers Saved Porn
Deep Cuts
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