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USDA Forest Service

As a daily weather forecast evaluates current atmospheric conditions and predicts if it’s likely to rain in the near future, Forestcast shows... more

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Women of Research: Our Sustainable Future with Cindi West

Cindi West has over 30 years of experience working across private industry, academia, and federal government in a variety of... more

13 Apr 2023 · 27 minutes
Women of Research: Scientific & Ethical Integrity with Maggie Hardy

Maggie Hardy is the program manager of the Rocky Mountain Research Station Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Program, a group of... more

10 Apr 2023 · 35 minutes
Women of Research: Changing the World Through Soil with Deb Page-Dumroese

Research soil scientist Deb Page-Dumroese’s research interests center around maintaining soil productivity during and after land management activities. As site... more

06 Apr 2023 · 24 minutes
Women of Research: A Life of Healthy Forests with Jenny Juzwik

Research plant pathologist, Jenny Juzwik, conducts studies on diseases of trees that impact forest health and productivity. Her career-long interest... more

03 Apr 2023 · 21 minutes
Women of Research: The Nature of Stewardship with Lindsay Campbell

Research social scientist, Lindsay Campbell, explores the dynamics of civic stewardship, environmental governance, and sustainability policymaking--with a particular emphasis on... more

30 Mar 2023 · 28 minutes
Women of Research: Plots to Blocks with Sjana Schanning

Ecologist Sjana Schanning’s fieldwork has taken her from the Rincon Mountains of Arizona, to the the winter woods of Wisconsin,... more

27 Mar 2023 · 27 minutes
Women of Research: Juggling Motherhood & Ornithology with Susannah Lerman

Ecologist Susannah Lerman walks us through her career and life, from falling in love with birds in Israel, to making... more

23 Mar 2023 · 30 minutes
Women of Research: Watershed Moments & Moms with Chelcy Miniat

Ecologist Chelcy Miniat shares watershed moments of her career and life, from a spark of science in sixth grade, to... more

20 Mar 2023 · 25 minutes
Women of Research: An Ode to Mentors by Sara Brown

Ecologist Sara Brown takes us through eight chapters of her career and the 10 mentors that made her, from wildland... more

16 Mar 2023 · 38 minutes
Women of Research: Twenty-Five Years of Mentorship with Laura Kenefic & Susan Stout

To celebrate the immeasurable impact of women in our nation’s history, and to honor the scientists who have inspired others... more

13 Mar 2023 · 39 minutes
Women of Research: Our Sustainable Future with Cindi West
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