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5-4 is a podcast about how much the Supreme Court sucks. It's a progressive and occasionally profane take on the ideological battles... more

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Maryland v. King

In the movies, detectives trail a suspect until he messes up and throws his DNA-soaked paper cup into the trash.... more

21 May 2024 · 41 minutes
The 2024 Mailbag Episode [TEASER]

What to do if you get arrested (not legal advice™), why are the liberal justices just sitting back while conservatives... more

14 May 2024 · 6 minutes
Free Rhiannon! Campus Protests and the First Amendment

Rhi got locked up. The food was bad, the comrades were immaculate, and while the friendless centrist pundits on Twitter... more

07 May 2024 · 1 hour, 3 minutes
Hans v. Louisiana

E Pluribus Unum, more like E Pluribus Sue Them! In America, if your landlord refuses to do repairs, you sue... more

30 Apr 2024 · 33 minutes
Retire, Sonia [TEASER]

Listen, we're not going to do the whole merch thing again, but it's time to hang up the robe and... more

23 Apr 2024 · 5 minutes
Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project

Santa isn't the only one who keeps a naughty and nice list. And if your organization winds up on the... more

16 Apr 2024 · 45 minutes
The (Constitutional) Crisis at the Border

Texas passed a law that allows it to police the US border with Mexico without regard to federal policy. That... more

02 Apr 2024 · 5 minutes
United States v. Jones

The Court does not want you to plead not guilty by reason of insanity and to enforce that, they'll happily... more

26 Mar 2024 · 47 minutes
Illinois v. Caballes

This is the story of a man with the worst luck in the whole world, and how Jay-Z called the... more

19 Mar 2024 · 46 minutes
Trump v. Anderson

We're joined by Balls and Strikes' Jay Willis in this emergency episode to talk about Trump v. Anderson, which challenged... more

07 Mar 2024 · 49 minutes
Maryland v. King
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