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The Lawyer's Escape Pod
The Lawyer's Escape Pod
Megan Smiley

Megan Smiley interviews recovering lawyers, career advisors, and other professionals for advice and inspiration on transitioning out of law practice.

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Emily Hirsekorn goes from law to higher education to career confidence coaching

Emily Hirsekorn is a former lawyer turned career confidence coach. After a stint in higher education, she decided to pursue... more

16 Nov 2021 · 50 minutes
Seth Bradley leaves big law to pursue his passion for real estate

Seth Bradley is a former big law attorney who decided to follow his passion for real estate and create his... more

09 Nov 2021 · 32 minutes
Morgan Thomas Hall transitions from law to tech sales

Morgan Thomas Hall is an Account Executive at Twilio Inc. Morgan practiced in both a firm and for the government... more

05 Oct 2021 · 39 minutes
Marie Sotelo leaves law for freelance writing

Marie Sotelo is a former lawyer turned freelance writer. After leaving the law, she leveraged her legal experience to become... more

28 Sep 2021 · 45 minutes
Heather Eastwood leaves practice to teach high school

Heather Eastwood is a public interest lawyer (with a brief detour into BigLaw) who found her long-term calling teaching public... more

21 Sep 2021 · 39 minutes
Rachel Coll leaves practice to become a life coach

Rachel Coll is a lawyer turned life coach. Although Rachel actually largely enjoyed practicing, she allowed herself to evolve and... more

15 Sep 2021 · 46 minutes
David Johnson Shows Us How Use Design Thinking to Make Fulfilling Career Shifts

David Johnson is a lawyer, writer and professor at Stanford Law School. He started his career working in house at... more

07 Sep 2021 · 47 minutes
The 5 Step Lawyer's Escape Plan Framework

Today’s episode is the audio from the webinar I hosted last week, The 5-Step Lawyer’s Escape Plan. It walks you... more

15 Jun 2021 · 50 minutes
Free Webinar: 5-Step Lawyer's Escape Plan

On Thursday, June 10th at 7:30pm EDT, I'll be hosting a free live webinar. A replay will also be available.   I'll... more

08 Jun 2021 · 2 minutes
Risa Weaver-Enion leaves law to become a wedding planner and photographer

Risa Weaver-Enion is the founder and chief planner at Risa James Events, where she both plans weddings and offers product... more

01 Jun 2021 · 53 minutes
The Lawyer's Escape Pod
Emily Hirsekorn goes from law to higher education to career confidence coaching
The Lawyer's Escape Pod
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