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Assorted Goods
Assorted Goods
Disinformed Content Media

A curious look at a variety of topics from the news and history of the world. 🌎 🎙️ 🎧

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Hard Know Season 1 Trailer and Announcement

Dan has risen from the podcasting dead to let you know about his new podcast, Hard Know, made in collaboration... more

20 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes
Assorted Goods, Signing Off... (w/ Jeff Feightner)

Well this is it, after 3 1/2 years, about 70 episodes, hundreds of thousands of words researched and written, it's... more

23 May 2022 · 51 minutes
Education in a Brave New Digital World: with Carlo Trentadue

Back at the start of Covid, I had teacher, football coach, and a good friend of mine Carlo Trentadue on... more

25 Apr 2022 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
Plastic World: Microplastics and the "Big Oil" Problem

Scientific studies have revealed that microplastics aren't just in our oceans and trash dumps, they're in our food and hanging... more

18 Apr 2022 · 45 minutes
Telling the Full Story: with Michael Motley of OneMic History

Our history textbooks and classes have never told us the full story of our own history, and when it comes... more

11 Apr 2022 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Start Wars with Them

When a war breaks out, a government has to build and deploy its lies as much as its military. As... more

21 Mar 2022 · 50 minutes
Us vs Them: How Binary Thinking is Being Exploited

Coke vs Pepsi, Marvel vs DC, Republicans vs Democrats, Anything vs Damn-Near Anything. No matter where we go, every issue, big... more

28 Feb 2022 · 42 minutes
Starbucks’ Venti Unionization Movement

Something else may be brewing at your local Starbucks, and it's not overpriced coffee with complicated names. A union movement... more

15 Feb 2022 · 42 minutes
The Non-Fungible Podcast Episode

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs have boomed in the past year, becoming a iconic piece of internet culture, a lucrative economic... more

31 Jan 2022 · 52 minutes
Birds Aren't Real. But Disinformation Is.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... a government drone spying on you? 5 years ago Peter McIndoe thought... more

18 Jan 2022 · 39 minutes
Assorted Goods
Hard Know Season 1 Trailer and Announcement
Assorted Goods
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