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The Crossway Podcast
The Crossway Podcast

This is The Crossway Podcast, a show where we sit down with authors each week for thoughtful interviews about the Bible, theology,... more

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10 Things You Should Know about Abortion (Scott Klusendorf)

Today, we're pleased to share with you an audio essay written and read by Scott Klusendorf entitled "10 Things You... more

29 Jun 2022 · 10 minutes
Are You Ashamed of Yourself? Jesus Isn't (Erik Raymond)

In today's episode, Erik Raymond talks about why nothing in our lives is a surprise to our Savior. Erik is the... more

27 Jun 2022 · 36 minutes
Roe v. Wade Has Been Overturned. Now What? (Scott Klusendorf)

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States released their ruling on the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization,... more

25 Jun 2022 · 43 minutes
The NT Authors Quoted the OT Way More Than We Do (Greg Lanier)

In today's episode, Greg Lanier talks about the many ways that the Old Testament stands as an indispensable foundation for... more

20 Jun 2022 · 39 minutes
Full Audiobook: 'Why Should We Love the Local Church?' by Dustin Benge

In Why Should We Love the Local Church?, Dustin Benge—an associate professor of biblical spirituality and historical theology at the Southern... more

15 Jun 2022 · 1 hour, 47 minutes
Don't Despair, Jesus Can Rewrite Your Story (David Murray)

In today's episode, David Murray talks about why there’s more to our stories than what we can do or have... more

13 Jun 2022 · 44 minutes
Positive Thinking ≠ Lasting Encouragement (Lindsey Carlson)

In today's episode, Lindsey Carlson talks about the discouragement we all face and where to turn for true encouragement that... more

06 Jun 2022 · 37 minutes
Why Is Our Culture So Obsessed With Identity? (Brian Rosner)

In today's episode, Brian Rosner talks about how our cultural obsession with identity impacts us as Christians and how we... more

30 May 2022 · 38 minutes
Does Your Heart Ache for More? (Amy DiMarcangelo)

In today's episode, Amy DiMarcangelo talks about how our many longings point us to Christ—the only person who understands our... more

23 May 2022 · 42 minutes
Struggling To Pray? Start Here. (Kevin DeYoung)

In today's episode, Kevin DeYoung talks about our common struggle to pray, and how the Lord's Prayer - the prayer... more

16 May 2022 · 30 minutes
The Crossway Podcast
10 Things You Should Know about Abortion (Scott Klusendorf)
The Crossway Podcast
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