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Passions N' Professions Podcast
Passions N' Professions Podcast
Derek Appau

I'm Derek Appau, your host and a professional (ICF, ACC accredited) career coach who has been fortunate enough to enjoy hundreds of... more

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Episode.11 Dr. Paul Brewerton - Changing Lives, Leading With Strengths

2020: The year of COVID19. It's been tough and we've lived through not one but two national 'lockdowns' here in the... more

16 Dec 2020 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
E.p 10 Dr. Eden Charles - Creating Organisations Fit To House The Human Spirit

In episode 10 I really wanted to offer my listeners someone who had turned their passion into a profession, but... more

31 Jul 2020 · 1 hour, 7 minutes
Episode 9: Adrian Green - Making People & Businesses Better

Episode 9 allowed me to catch up with one of my mentors, Adrian Green, about the importance of support in... more

14 Mar 2019 · 39 minutes
Ep.8 Devina Paul- Why I Love Investing In Tech Startups

In this episode of Passions N Professions my guest, Devina Paul speaks about her finance career and passion for investing... more

21 May 2018 · 37 minutes
Ep.7 - Jay Wilcox- Making A Career In Music

In this episode I speak with musician, producer and creative director Jay Wilcox. Jay has built up an impressive track... more

03 May 2018 · 41 minutes
Ep.6 - Jane Brendgen - Why I Live, Breath & Teach Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is now becoming a key part of the process for high performers and those who prioritise their wellbeing.... more

04 Feb 2018 · 39 minutes
Ep.5 - Dr.Marilyn Allen - Reducing Stress & Increasing Well Being

Dr. Marilyn Allen is an experienced therapeutic counsellor and bio-feedback Practitioner. In this interview Dr Marilyn gives us an insight... more

04 Feb 2018 · 46 minutes
EP.4 Roxanne Hobbs - Transforming Workplaces via Inclusivity

Are you able to be your true self at work? Imagine if you could. This episode features Roxanne Hobbs, the founder... more

16 Dec 2017 · 37 minutes
Ep.2 Pamella Bisson - Shifting From A Survival To Successful Mindset

Pamella Bisson was once a homeless child struggling to survive on the streets of Rio, Brazil.  Now a successful media... more

16 Dec 2017 · 47 minutes
Ep.3 Olu Johnson - High Potential Graduate To Leadership (retail property)

Olu is passionate about the world of property and has always been very clear about his desired career path from... more

05 Dec 2017 · 38 minutes
Passions N' Professions Podcast
Episode.11 Dr. Paul Brewerton - Changing Lives, Leading With Strengths
Passions N' Professions Podcast