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The Dave Chang Show
The Dave Chang Show
The Ringer

Dave Chang has a few questions. Besides being the chef of the Momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of Netflix’s 'Ugly... more

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The Magic Tap, Platonic Ideal of a Breakfast Burrito, and Jollibee Spaghetti | My Opinion Is Fact

Dave and Chris share some big news before they get into an interesting mailbag: What five liquids would they have... more

29 Feb 2024 · 56 minutes
Letting Go of Smartphones and How to Menu With Holbox in Los Angeles

Dave and Chris get into an episode fresh off of a recording of 'Dinner Time Live,' going into detail about... more

26 Feb 2024 · 53 minutes
Three Go-To Celebration Restaurants and Revisiting Dave’s Unified Theory of Deliciousness

Dave is solo in this episode, which begins with Dave sharing three restaurants that he went to for celebrations as... more

22 Feb 2024 · 46 minutes
An NFL Lineman's Diet, Growing Up Samoan and Australia vs. Philadelphia with Jordan Mailata

NFL offensive lineman Jordan Mailata of the Philadelphia Eagles joins Dave and Chris Ying at the Super Bowl to judge... more

19 Feb 2024 · 33 minutes
Top 5 Asian Cuisines, Rotisseries vs. Trompos with Nico de Leon and Chase and Steff Valencia

Chef Nico de Leon and Chase and Steff Valencia of Lasita join Chris Ying and Dave at the Super Bowl... more

15 Feb 2024 · 43 minutes
The History Behind Mister Jiu's and Debate Club: Dumplings vs. Noodles with Brandon Jew

Chef Brandon Jew and Chris Ying join Dave at the Super Bowl to talk about Brandon's entry in the Toyota... more

12 Feb 2024 · 40 minutes
Dumplings Vs. Noodles, the Official Lunar Zodiac Ranking, and PFFW: Super Bowl Edition

Dave dishes on Lunar New Year topics, including whether dumplings or noodles are a better play and his official lunar... more

08 Feb 2024 · 43 minutes
Dave’s Theoretical Vegan Menu and Tips for Maximizing Home-Cooking Ingredients

Dave is joined by Chris Ying as the pair discuss recent developments with 'Dinner Time Live' and their stress levels... more

05 Feb 2024 · 54 minutes
Making Great Soups and Mise en Place at Home

Dave discusses the importance of mise en place for the home cook and goes solo and names, from memory, all... more

01 Feb 2024 · 47 minutes
Dave’s Jiu-Jitsu Experience, and the Episodic TV Mount Rushmore

Dave goes solo and talks about his Mount Rushmore of scripted TV shows. Other topics include Anthony Bourdain and Brazilian... more

29 Jan 2024 · 53 minutes
The Dave Chang Show
The Magic Tap, Platonic Ideal of a Breakfast Burrito, and Jollibee Spaghetti | My Opinion Is Fact
The Dave Chang Show