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Great People Show
Great People Show
JJ White

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Lots of things to be afraid of right now...COVID, running out of gas, etc. You name it and you can... more

21 May 2021 · 38 minutes
The Process of Discipline and Mindset - Our Journeys on #75HARD

JJ White and guests CJ Sweat and Michael Costanzo discuss their personal journeys of transformation during the #75Hard bootcamp and... more

07 May 2021 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
WE'RE BACK!!! Season 2 is HERE

WE'RE BACK!JJ and James are BACK in the studio for Session 2 of the Great People Show!

22 Apr 2021 · 35 minutes
Resilience - How To Turn Bad To Good - E107

Special Guest Melanie (Mel) Clark joins the show to help us all turn bad to good. She lost her husband,... more

05 Sep 2019 · 44 minutes
Is Good, Good Enough? - E106

When is good, good enough in your life? More often than you think. We break down the top traits of... more

29 Aug 2019 · 31 minutes
Pain Is The Ultimate Call To Action - E105

Pain is a part of life, especially #LiveDifferent. How do you recover when you feel utterly crushed by life? Pain... more

06 Jun 2019 · 39 minutes
How to RISE From the Ashes of Failure - E104

Time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and RISE. How can we move past failure? There is A LOT to... more

23 May 2019 · 39 minutes
Self Pity On The Road To #LiveDifferent - E103

Do you need to eliminate Self Pity? It's a natural emotion that can help heal us or destroy us. We... more

17 May 2019 · 39 minutes
What Are You Anchored To In Life? #LiveDifferent - E102

Every decision you make in life (up to 10,000 a day!) is anchored to something, good or bad. You are... more

09 May 2019 · 39 minutes
Are You Selfless Enough to #LiveDifferent? - E101

Do you have enough balance of selfishness and selflessness in your life? Too much of either isn't healthy for you... more

02 May 2019 · 39 minutes
Great People Show
Great People Show
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