Second Breaks

Second Breaks

Lou Blaser
Sep 24, 2020 42 min

142. The Podcast Producer with Sean McMullin

With over a million shows on Apple Podcasts alone and huge podcast investments made by companies, the podcasting industry is only expected to grow. This industry is supported by a cornucopia of roles and jobs for folks who want to be in on the action and there are different ways to work in the industry. In this episode, we take a peek behind the scenes on the role of the podcast producer. To get the links and highlights, head on over to
Sep 17, 2020 43 min

141. Becoming a Virtual Expert with Kathy Goughenour

A Virtual Assistant career can provide the ultimate in work flexibility. However, the other question to consider is whether this is truly a profitable career choice. In this episode, Kathy Goughenour Virtual Expert® Training joins Lou Blaser to explore and answer this question. For the show notes, highlights, and links:
Sep 10, 2020 32 min

140. The Virtual Assistant with Janice Dalager

One of the newer careers that have become popular in the last few years and that definitely offered flexibility is the virtual assistant work. It’s an interesting field of work because the definition of what the role encompasses is so varied. You can pretty much design it to be how you want it to be — the ultimate flexibility in work! Read the show notes and get the links at In this episode, we’ll lift the hood a bit and explore the world of virtual assistants with help from Janice Dalager.
Sep 03, 2020 29 min

139. The Online Community Manager with Shannon Paris

Online communities have exploded in the last few years, giving rise to a need for someone to manage, facilitate, and coordinate community activities. In this episode, we explore the inner workings of the role of the Online Community Manager with help from Shannon Paris, Community Advocate at What Works. Read the show notes and get the links at
Aug 27, 2020 34 min

138. The WordPress Designer with Susanna Perkins

In this 4th episode of our series on new careers, we explore the work of website design. One of the most popular ways to have a website is through WordPress. Suffice it to say, lots of people are working in the WordPress ecosystem. We’re taking a peek behind-the-scenes on the work of a WordPress Website Designer, with help from Susanna Perkins of WP Building Blocks. For the show notes and all the links, head on over to
Aug 20, 2020 22 min

137. The Facebook Ad Specialist with Julie O’Hara

In this third episode of Season 4, we continue exploring jobs within social media through the lens of online advertising. I'm joined by Facebook Ad Specialist, Julie O'Hara, who recently transitioned to this role. It's not a job for everyone. But if you've got the right disposition and the interest to learn the skill set, becoming a Facebook/Instagram Ad specialist can be a lucrative career opportunity to pursue. For the show notes and all the links, head on over to
Aug 13, 2020 42 min

136. The Social Media Manager with Andréa Jones

"In the beginning, I didn't understand why people would pay for this work. It felt easy for me. But there is actually a huge need for it." — Andréa Jones | This is the second episode of Season 4 | Read the notes on
Aug 06, 2020 29 min

135. The Digital Workflow Strategist with Marie Poulin

"I couldn't have predicted what the work would look like." — Marie Poulin | This is the first episode of Season 4 | Read the notes on
Jul 30, 2020 6 min

What’s Coming Up in Season 4

According to an oft-cited statistic, "85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet." (Source: 2017 Report by Institute For The Future) In Season 4, we'll explore eight new roles and career paths that have only been made possible within the last few years or last decade. Read the full transcript at
Jul 23, 2020 7 min

In Between: What Work Could Look Like in 2022

The podcast is currently on a break. In the meantime, I thought I’d pop in here for a minute with the latest Inside Briefing Notes. Season 4 starts on August 6, 2020. Subscribe to the podcast and tell your friends about it!
Second Breaks
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