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Real Man Would
Real Man Would
Chris Liss

The Real Man podcast is where Chris Liss (@chris_liss) shares his thoughts about sports, gambling and the world at large. Sometimes he... more

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Convincing the hesitant, The Emperor's New Clothes, conspiracy theories, satisfaction, Pfizer dump, going to the beach, BTC/market crash, ditching... more

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Hold My Breath As I Wish For Death

Roe v Wade, karaoke, phony plastic people in positions of power, overcoming fear and anxiety, paying for what you want... more

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The Base Case Is Time Travel

End Game

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Hey I'm Doing A Podcast

The state of the podcast, Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, why people are so desperate to shut others up, an... more

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Salvia Divinorum

An insane Twitter thread, the merits of drug humor and some personal experiences.

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Ride Your Bicycle When You Get There

The default state, real estate as a "shitcoin," covid fraud, mind-blowing math and the NFBC Main team. With extensive links.

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Get In The Boat

Chris talks about pulling his hamstring, signing up for the NFBC Main Event, Twitter trolls, air-travel hell, NFTs and the... more

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Ted Bell Edition

Ted Bell swings by to talk citizen journalism/documentary podcast-making via public records, his Russiagate pods, the state of journalism, overseas... more

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Your Precious Epidemiologist

Chris talks citizen journalism, "Russian disinformation," life post-Sirius XM, mental auto-immune disease, trusting oneself, Tom Brady's return, Duck Duck Go's... more

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First Order Things

Chris' solo pod in which he talks about what's foremost on his mind, safetyism, the ways in which the US... more

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Real Man Would
Real Man Would
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