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Join author, actor, and funny lady Robin Hopkins as she helps guests manage stress, set some boundaries, find a new apartment, and... more

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Who Determines Your Worth in the Workplace?

Deb got lowballed by a prestigious and flush-with-cash company (we’re talking net worth in the billions). When they spoke out... more

21 Mar 2023 · 36 minutes
Introducing: Well...Adjusting Season 2!

We're back for season two and we've got more problems, more advice, more experts, more laughs— just more! Join author,... more

06 Mar 2023 · 1 minute
Good Mourning, New Year

How can we find optimism for a new year amidst feelings of collective grief? In this bonus episode, Robin and... more

31 Jan 2023 · 50 minutes
Where Are They Now?

Sometimes making progress is a five-steps forward, three-steps back type of journey. In this bonus episode, Robin catches up with... more

24 Jan 2023 · 1 hour, 2 minutes
Code Switching at Your Job

Yaz joins Robin with a question about conforming in the workplace.

17 Jan 2023 · 39 minutes
Introducing: Mina AF with Mina Starsiak Hawk

This week, Robin shares a new show she’s been listening to: Mina AF — a podcast hosted by Mina Starsiak... more

12 Jan 2023 · 1 hour, 7 minutes
Fair-Weather Friends

Becca joins us to talk about that time a friend broke up with her, and took her whole friend group... more

10 Jan 2023 · 40 minutes
You Jumped. You Failed. Now What?

Podgie took a big leap of faith and became a full-time Twitch streamer, but it didn’t turn out exactly as... more

03 Jan 2023 · 36 minutes
Introducing: More Right Than Wrong with Angie Lee and Rachel Yoo

This week, Robin passes the mic to Angie and Rachel, hosts of More Right Than Wrong— a podcast that explores... more

20 Dec 2022 · 34 minutes
Guilt and Money

Well...we chatted about money and guilt and all those family ties.

13 Dec 2022 · 48 minutes
Who Determines Your Worth in the Workplace?