The CSS Podcast

The CSS Podcast

Apr 08, 2020 8 min

005: Inheritance

Inheritance and its effects in CSS are found all over your styles, almost invisibly, until further investigation through devtools or docs. In today’s episode, we illuminate the aspects of inheritance, how they’re useful, things to watch out for, and of course tips, tricks and vocabulary. Links Spec: css-cascade-3 → List of inherits or not →
Apr 01, 2020 11 min

004: The Cascade

The “C” in CSS stands for the cascade! And that’s what today’s show is all about. Learn how the styles you write are affected by other styles, and how it all boils down to what the user sees. 4 Phases Of The Cascade: › Position › Specificity › Origin › Importance Links MDN on the Cascade and Inheritance → CSS Cascade Interactive Article → Una’s Doodle →
Mar 24, 2020 12 min

003: Specificity

In this episode we talk about how the browser resolves multiple selectors targeting the same subjects and how it determines which style to actually apply. Turns out, lots of code from many different locations is trying to style your elements, learning about specificity will help you debug and understand why or why not certain styles are winning over others. Links Diagram by Estelle Weyl → Specificity Calculator →
Mar 18, 2020 15 min

002: Selectors

Get ready to learn some new CSS vocabulary! In this episode we talk about selectors, a syntax used to find elements (subjects) in a tree. CSS uses selectors to bind styles to subjects, and it’s quite powerful. We go over universal selectors, type selectors, class selectors, ID selectors, attribute selectors, pseudo selectors, complex and compound selectors, and various combinators. Links CSS selectors level 3 → CSS - Tricks: How Selectors Work →
Mar 12, 2020 12 min

001: The Box Model

Where do scrollbars go, inside or outside the box? Una and Adam answer that and much more in their discussion of the CSS box model. Everything in CSS starts as a box, and while that’s a straight forward concept to initially think about, it can get complex quite quickly. Box Model CSS Spec → Adam’s Box Model CodePen → CSS Tricks on the Box Model →
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