Thanks For Visiting

Thanks For Visiting

Airbnb Superhosts Annette Grant & Sarah Karakaian
Dec 03, 2020 46 min

90 | Secrets of the Hospitality Industry | with Simon DeSwaan

Simon DeSwaan shares his knowledge and expertise gained from working in the hospitality industry for 15 years.
Nov 26, 2020 51 min

89 | How to Gain the Confidence to Act While You Learn | with Katie Raboy

Katie Raboy shares the story of how she went from dabbling in a single short-term rental to launching a property management company, figuring it out along the way.
Nov 19, 2020 58 min

88 | Transformative Travel: How to Create Meaningful Airbnb Experiences like Bolt Farm Treehouse | with Tori Bolt & Seth Bolt

Learn how to create unique and meaningful short-term rental experiences that create lifelong customers with Tori Bolt and Seth Bolt, the Airbnb Superhosts behind Bolt Farm Treehouse (@boltfarmtreehouse).
Nov 12, 2020 1 hr 0 min

87 | How to Create a Great Airbnb Experience: During the Pandemic & Beyond | with Kate Buhler

Kate Buhler offers tips you can use to take advantage of the opportunities and situations we are presented with today so that you can learn how to thrive during a pandemic.
Nov 05, 2020 44 min

86 | House Rules: Making Your Policies Clear For Guests

We go over the importance of setting clear rules for your guests.
Oct 29, 2020 59 min

85 | Being a Tiny Home YouTuber and Airbnb Superhost | with Robert Abasolo

Robert Abasolo, rising YouTube star and Airbnb Superhost, shares how he got into the world of short term rentals and what inspired him to start recording his adventures.
Oct 22, 2020 29 min

84 | How to Give Constructive Criticism to Your Turnover Team

We look at how you can communicate with your turnover team without being too harsh, but still get everything you need to run your business.
Oct 08, 2020 54 min

83 | Never Stop Experimenting | with Sarah Nie and Karen Gleason of POP Rentals

Sarah Nie and Karen Gleason of POP Rentals share how they continue to experiment with doing things differently to remain competitive and bring in more revenue.
Oct 01, 2020 29 min

82 | The Role of the Inspector

We talk about the importance of inspecting properties and how to build out the role.
Sep 24, 2020 34 min

81 | Stage to Rent Q&A

We answer your questions about staging rental properties.
Thanks For Visiting
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