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Teaching with Madly Learning®
Teaching with Madly Learning®
Madly Learning

This is a podcast for teachers who are interested in learning more about inquiry based learning and how to implement this teaching... more

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Creating Digital Products for Your Classroom with Microsoft Products

Did your school board switch to Microsoft products or restrict your access to Google resources when working with students?   ... more

25 Jan 2022 · 18 minutes
3 Myths About Writing Report Cards That Are Making Your Reports Take Longer

You need to stop spending so much time writing your report cards. There, I said it.    Writing your report... more

18 Jan 2022 · 17 minutes
Write your Learning Skills Quickly and Easily with Student Evaluator

I am constantly looking for ways that I can simplify my report card writing so that it takes less time.... more

11 Jan 2022 · 13 minutes
So You're Going Remote! 4 Things You are Not Going To Do When Pivoting to Remote Teaching

We are all anticipating remote teaching sooner rather than later…   In this episode, I am discussing the 4 things... more

04 Jan 2022 · 16 minutes
Don't Take Your School Work Home Over the Holidays

Here’s my challenge for you as we approach the holidays: don’t take any work home with you on the last... more

14 Dec 2021 · 15 minutes
Holiday Concert Ideas That Still Cover Curriculum

Let’s talk about holiday concerts.    They might look a little different during the pandemic, but I know a lot... more

07 Dec 2021 · 13 minutes
What You Need To Stop Assessing Right Now

Are you trying to mark every single thing your students touch? Why? It’s too much!   I’m here to give... more

30 Nov 2021 · 22 minutes
Get Ready for Parent-Teacher Interviews

How do you prepare for parent-teacher interviews?    Let’s talk about some of the best things you can do in... more

23 Nov 2021 · 23 minutes
4 Tools That Have Changed My Teaching

What are your favorite teaching tools?   In this episode, I’m sharing four tools that have changed my teaching practice... more

16 Nov 2021 · 15 minutes
A Simple Way to Start Inquiry In Your Classroom

What’s holding you back from using inquiry in your classroom?   A lot of teachers tell me that inquiry is... more

09 Nov 2021 · 16 minutes
Teaching with Madly Learning®
Creating Digital Products for Your Classroom with Microsoft Products
Teaching with Madly Learning®