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So Nigerian
So Nigerian
Dami Aros

A podcast that talks about relatable content to an average Nigerian youth which varies from lifestyle, comedy, guy and girl code, dos... more

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Money Ritual Culture

The money ritual culture in Nigeria has been in existence for the longest time. We’ve all heard stories and even... more

23 Nov 2022 · 35 minutes
Co-Parenting as a Nigerian

Hi guys, on this episode we take opposing sides as we debate the issue of Co-Parenting in Nigeria. So our... more

16 Nov 2022 · 38 minutes
Part 2 Ick In Nigerian Women

Hello So Nigerians! As promised, we’re back with the second part of the last episode as we discuss some icks... more

28 Oct 2022 · 47 minutes
Icks in Nigerian Men

Hello So Nigerians! We’re back again with another banger. If you’ve been searching for the woman of your dreams and are... more

17 Oct 2022 · 49 minutes
Tribalism in Nigeria

Hello So Nigerians! On this special 60th episode of the So Nigerian podcast, we discuss one of the biggest problems... more

24 Sep 2022 · 42 minutes

Hi guys! We know y’all have missed us, but we’re back from our little break and are even better.Today’s episode... more

14 Sep 2022 · 32 minutes
The 8 Stages before the Breakfast

Hi guys, we’re back again with another banger!On this episode we talk about the life cycle of Nigerian relationships as... more

14 Aug 2022 · 42 minutes
Hoe phase vs Ashewo phase

Hello guys, on today’s episode we dissect the mysteries of the Hoe Phase and Ashewo Phase, as Pastor Baby Boy... more

23 Jul 2022 · 39 minutes
Classism in Nigeria (Lagos)

Hi guys, on todays episode we discuss the problem of classism in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. If you’ve ever been... more

11 Jul 2022 · 48 minutes
Painting The Future ft. Anthony Azekwoh

Hello guys, on this episode we are joined by the young, amazing and talented artist - Anthony Azekwoh. He talks... more

20 Jun 2022 · 58 minutes
So Nigerian
Money Ritual Culture
So Nigerian