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Shotgun Story
Shotgun Story
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Welcome to Shotgun Story The podcast that has conversations with Indie creators about music, meaning and the point of it all, so that... more

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#013 Have A Little Faith | Nibs van der Spuy

"Music is the most powerful spiritual force on this planet." Nibs van der Spuy Nibs van der Spuy is one of the... more

15 Feb 2021 · 44 minutes
#012 Music is so immediate | Barry Berk

An age old story of how music can seduce you away from almost anything Barry Berk | The Bass Station Barry recorded... more

04 Feb 2021 · 22 minutes
#011 Do What Feels Right | Conrad Jamneck

If you're an indie musician in SA, you know Conrad. Or you WANT TO! Conrad Jamneck (STRAB Festival / The Daisy... more

28 Jan 2021 · 54 minutes
#010 Self-Consciousness is The Enemy | Daniel Friedman

Did you miss him? Me too! Retired from comedy, here's what comes next... Daniel Friedman is a Joburg-based writer and performer. From... more

21 Jan 2021 · 1 hour, 15 minutes
#009 It's Not About You | AusTebza

Part of what forms a generations culture, music ought to stand for something An artist who is not defined by a... more

14 Jan 2021 · 45 minutes
#008 It's Complicated | Matthew van der Want

Pragmatic, honest, funny, and even more inspiring because of its realness. “If you make somebody feel something, you've kind of succeeded,... more

05 Jan 2021 · 1 hour, 14 minutes
#007 The Spirit of Collaboration | Tubatsi Mpho Moloi (Urban Village)

Ready to stretch into the possibilities of your creative purpose? This conversation will make you feel like anything and everything is... more

30 Dec 2020 · 48 minutes
#006 People inspire me. I love people | Gareth Wilson

Gareth Wilson (Southern Gypsey Queen | Oppikoppi Booker | Romeos) An open-hearted, multi-angle take on the music industry. So many stories! Gareth... more

23 Dec 2020 · 56 minutes
#005 Still a magic in music | Jay Bones

The commercial route is not necessary for the success of a band. It's been a long while since I laughed so... more

15 Dec 2020 · 1 hour, 6 minutes
#004 The Will & Want to Express | Lucy Kruger

There is poetry in every cell of Lucy's body. What a beautiful interview! One of my dearest friends and favourite collaborators,... more

09 Dec 2020 · 55 minutes
Shotgun Story
#013 Have A Little Faith | Nibs van der Spuy
Shotgun Story