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Podcode blog posts
Podcode blog posts
Mark Steadman of Podcode

Blog posts from Podcode, the podcast resource website for social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and nuisances.

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What are podcast show notes?

The term “show notes” is confusing. Let’s take a loser look at show notes, and how to write ones your... more

17 Jun 2022 · 7 minutes
It’s easier to record your podcast remotely than in person

Recording in-person podcasts was far more common before the pandemic than it is now. But with the world opening up... more

16 Jun 2022 · 9 minutes
How to make a podcast press kit in Notion

Notion is a knowledge management app, with a generous free tier and flexible features. You can use Notion to build... more

14 Jun 2022 · 5 minutes
Why video is not the future of podcasting

There’s a lot of industry buzz suggesting video is the future of podcasting, and that if you don’t have a... more

13 Jun 2022 · 7 minutes
One small change in language could mean one giant heap to your listener

Many podcasters are squandering the chance to build meaningful audience connections. Here’s how you can stop holding your listener at... more

11 Apr 2022 · 6 minutes
What does it cost to make a podcast in 2022?

You can make a podcast for less than the price of a good night out, or a cosy night in.

04 Apr 2022 · 5 minutes
Mark is asking you to endure one last change

Mark announces a change to this feed coming soon, reminds you to check out a newly-added show, and introduces yet... more

31 Mar 2022 · 12 minutes
How I outsourced my pre-production to robots

Using tools like Trello, Zapier and Calendly to automate the process of booking guests for a podcast

24 Mar 2021 · 7 minutes
Welcome new listeners with a gateway episode

Use your website to showcase an episode of your podcast that might not be your latest, but could be more... more

17 Mar 2021 · 6 minutes
Apple’s no longer using the word “subscribe”. Here’s what you need to know

Apple have abandoned the word "Subscribe" in their Podcasts app, in favour of "follow". But the changes are more wide-reaching... more

10 Mar 2021 · 3 minutes
Podcode blog posts
What are podcast show notes?
Podcode blog posts