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Pivot with Jenny Blake
Pivot with Jenny Blake
Jenny Blake

What’s next for your career and creative projects? Pivot with Jenny Blake launched in 2015 to help us better embrace fear, insecurity,... more

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The Simple Yet Powerful Three-Word Phrase that Shifts My Day

A short-and-sweet solo episode for you today on the three little words that instantly shift my mood from heavy obligation... more

26 Nov 2023 · 15 minutes
Embracing Doubt and Going for “Good-Enough” Work with Simone Stolzoff

As relationship expert Ester Perel says, “Too many people bring the best of themselves to work, and bring the leftovers... more

19 Nov 2023 · 42 minutes
How to Experience More Everyday Awe with Dacher Keltner

“The evolution of our species built into our brains and bodies an emotion, our species-defining passion, that enables us to... more

12 Nov 2023 · 41 minutes
Claim Your Bragging Rights—From Hidden Gems to Halo Effects with Lisa Bragg

“By trying to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one,” writes Lisa Bragg. “Instead of broadcasting, think of narrowcasting.”... more

05 Nov 2023 · 48 minutes
Finding Clarity While Navigating Change with Marc Lesser

“If it’s not a paradox, it’s not true.” So says today’s guest Marc Lesser, long-time mindfulness teacher and business leader.... more

29 Oct 2023 · 36 minutes
How Are We Holding Ourselves Back? with Adrian Klaphaak of Career Pathfinder

How are you holding yourself back? From the whispers of your soul, your deepest power and purpose, from your highest... more

22 Oct 2023 · 43 minutes
Navigating Workquakes in a Post-Career World with Bruce Feiler

Two-thirds of Americans say they’re unhappy with their work (70%), and three-quarters say they plan to look for new work... more

15 Oct 2023 · 39 minutes
🥳 Five Questions and Attempted Answers for My 40th Birthday

I love celebrating big milestones here on the pod, so in honor of my 40th birthday tomorrow, I decided to... more

08 Oct 2023 · 28 minutes
“Whatever Comes Through Me Comes for Me First,” with Nicole Antoinette

“So many things in my past were painful because I stayed on too long.” How do you know when it’s... more

01 Oct 2023 · 1 hour, 1 minute
Pivoting from Prestigious Consulting Jobs to the Pathless Path with Paul Millerd

“I was in the wrong environment, playing the wrong game . . . so I started self-sabotaging.” That’s how today’s guest,... more

24 Sep 2023 · 43 minutes
Pivot with Jenny Blake
The Simple Yet Powerful Three-Word Phrase that Shifts My Day
Pivot with Jenny Blake