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Pivot with Jenny Blake
Pivot with Jenny Blake
Jenny Blake

What’s next for your career and creative projects? Pivot with Jenny Blake launched in 2015 to help us better embrace fear, insecurity,... more

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10+ Conference Networking Strategies with Alisa Cohn

Attending conferences can be overwhelming — even for the most excited extroverts among us—let alone the introverts who challenge their... more

04 Jun 2023 · 1 hour,
Six Golden Shadows of the Imposter Complex with Tanya Geisler

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28 May 2023 · 45 minutes
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21 May 2023 · 44 minutes
Tips for Making Tough Decisions — Solo Spotlight with Sarah Young

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14 May 2023 · 18 minutes
ChatGPT as Universal Intern and Permission Not to Be a Billionaire with Kevin Kelly

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07 May 2023 · 46 minutes
Sustainable Ambition with Kathy Oneto

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30 Apr 2023 · 49 minutes
Who’s Sitting in the Board Room of Your Brain? with Adrian Klaphaak

Who is sitting in the boardroom of your brain? Who is sitting around the table, challenging your decisions, making noise,... more

23 Apr 2023 · 1 hour, 4 minutes
📣 Free Time is Nominated for a Webby! 💸 Would love your help voting by EOD 4/20 🙏

Hi Friends! I'm re-airing this announcement from the Free Time podcast as a friendly reminder that we made it to... more

19 Apr 2023 · 7 minutes
The Beauty of Late Bloomers with Jenna Valovic

“It’s OK to be a late bloomer as long as you don’t miss the flower show.” —Jane Fonda That’s a quote... more

16 Apr 2023 · 43 minutes
“We are the Refresh Generation” — Shifting Out of Reality Escape Artist Mode with Paul Angone

Are you feeling trapped by the infinite scroll of distractions? According to today’s returning guest, Paul Angone, we have all... more

09 Apr 2023 · 46 minutes
Pivot with Jenny Blake
10+ Conference Networking Strategies with Alisa Cohn
Pivot with Jenny Blake