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Nov 26, 2020 50 min

S3E10 Rethinking organisational design and effectiveness through CEOship — Rowan Belchers (Lockstep | Founder)

Dismantling and demystifying some widely held misconceptions about CEOs In this episode I talk to specialist CEO advisor Rowan Belchers about what being a CEO really means, why the role is more important than ever in determining organisational success, and how modern CEOs are having to revise their views on leadership to adapt and thrive. Rowan is the founder of Lockstep, which delivers customised leadership solutions to significantly impact business performance, and the creator of The CEO Project a programme specifically designed for leaders who sense they need a new blueprint for success in a rapidly evolving business and societal landscape.
Nov 20, 2020 42 min

S3E09 Inclusive service cultures are the key to impactful leadership — Ian Fuhr (Hatch Institute | Founder)

How race relations and diversity are fueling business growth and prosperity In this episode I talk to Ian Fuhr, known to many as the dynamic founder of the Sorbet group, about his new project the Hatch Institute and its work in helping entrepreneurs build more inclusive, progressive and impactful businesses. Ian defines the work of the Hatch Institute with the phrase 'cultureneering'. His first business, K-Mart, catered to underserved black markets in the late 1970s and early 1980, deep in darkest years of segregationist Apartheid South Africa. In the early 1990s, Ian launched a labour consultancy, Labour Link, to assist businesses navigate race relations within their organisations during one of South Africa’s most tumultuous periods. Throughout his career Ian has remained convinced that, despite the complexity of the South African socio-political landscape, fostering working environments and cultures that revolve around a common purpose of obsessive customer service we will result in success. We talk about his passion for South African business owners, about the opportunities and challenges of our complex business landscape, and especially about the power of having difficult conversations.
Nov 17, 2020 54 min

S3E08 Master Oogway's timeless lessons for leadership — Charlie Quirk (Google | Consultant Director of Strategy)

Why Kung Fu Panda should be in every leader's resource bank "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. In this episode I talk to one of my favourite internet friends, Charlie Quirk, about our mutual passion for cinema, the lessons we can all learn from the Hollywood, and particularly, the wisdom of the Kung Fu Panda animated movies. I've been trying to find someone keen to have this discussion with me for ages, so I'm disproportionately excited about this show :) Charlie Quirk describes himself as a global strategy director, cinephile, failed clarinetist, doting dad. He's worked with a broad range of companies including Google, Microsoft, HP, Chevrolet, PayPal, Samsung, AT&T, Visa, Symantec, Zillow, MetLife, Best Buy, Grant Thornton, Dickies, Adidas, Nissan, Qatar Airways and others."
Nov 11, 2020 42 min

S3E07 Perseverance is the ultimate start-up capital — Robert Mtshali (MobiWashSA | Founder)

Discussing perseverance and passion with Alexandra's Robin Hood "In this episode I talk to the self-proclaimed Robin Hood of Alexandra township, Robert Mtshali (and who am I to argue?). Robert is a serial entrepreneur who reached out to me on Twitter because he believed his story would resonate with you, and wow, was he right. After suffering unimaginable tragedy at a very young age, Robert consistently overcame odds and obstacles to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur. It hasn't been an easy route, but it has produced a young man wise beyond his years, deeply passionate about creating value, impacting lives and importantly, teaching others to follow in his footsteps."
Oct 31, 2020 18 min

S3Bonus Breaking up is hard to do

I just ended a 13 year relationship... with Facebook. Now, before you laugh (ok, you can laugh), this was a bigger deal for me than I'd like to admit. For over a decade I ran a social media business that relied heavily on the existence of Facebook - and its impact on companies and customers - to grow and thrive. Much of my reputation and self worth is wrapped up in the existence and success of that company, and so part of my reluctance to quit Facebook, apart from questions about its utility and the healthiness of using it, was the potential hypocrisy of quitting now. In fact, I found my own reluctance to pull the 'delete my account' trigger so surprising, comical and revealing, that I decided to record a catharsis of sorts which I've published on the One-Eyed Man podcast. This monologue style recording is a little out of character for me, so I'd appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the approach. And the topic, of course. I explore not only my decision to quit Facebook but the reasons I'm still so dependent on other social media.
Oct 29, 2020 51 min

S3E06 Psychedelic medicine and the potential of your mind — Ronen Aires (CEO | Student Village)

How society and business is taking a new look at psychedelics "In this episode I talk to Ronen Aires about the future of psychedelic medicine and innovation. I am admittedly ignorant on the topic, but have kept a keen eye on Ronen's journey into the subject over the past decade and wanted to hear more about how leaders and innovators should consider the growing interest in the medicinal and mindfulness benefits of psychedelic drugs Ronen and I were fellow forum members in EO for many years, both running agencies (albeit with slightly different focuses) based in Johannesburg, ran many kilometers of many crazy trails together, and have stayed good friends over the years. I now refer to him exclusively by the moniker the Joburg Mystic!"
Oct 28, 2020 38 min

S3E05 Building a free online money university for everybody — Kristia van Heerden ( | CEO)

Uncovering why so many people have a dysfunctional relationship with money "In this episode I talk to financial wellness evangelist and crusader Kristia van Heerden about her work on - a free online money university for traders, investors, and just about everyone else. Kris hosts the popular Fat Wallet podcast, a highly practical and tactile approach to building financial literacy in and through the lives of real people. Whether you have a natural aptitude for personal financial management, or, like me, wrestle with the role of money in your life, this show will be enlightening and inspiring."
Oct 21, 2020 32 min

S3E04 Turning attitude into altitude — Gidon Novick (Entrepreneur)

How to innovate in the face of disruption and unpredictability In this episode I talk to Gidon Novick about his decision to launch a new airline in the midst of a global pandemic. Gidon is a well known entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, and in his own words, a big believer in the potential of South Africa. He is interested in creating businesses that are both profitable and impactful, and we speak about how the last year has informed his thinking in this regard.
Oct 13, 2020 44 min

S3E03 Is podcasting a bubble or a business? — Jeff Large ( | Founder)

Is podcasting a bubble or a business? — Jeff Large ( | Founder) "In this episode I talk to Jeff Large, purveyor and producer of profitable podcasts (my title, not his) about the burgeoning business of podcasting, and whether it's a viable marketing and sales strategy, or just hype. Jeff Large helps individuals and businesses establish trust, authority, and relationships with their customers through podcasting. His advice was invaluable in my planning around this show, and has been a valuable sounding board as it has evolved. If you are an individual or representative of a brand considering podcasting as a communication channel, this show will be a helpful primer to the opportunities and challenges of the platform."
Oct 08, 2020 53 min

S3E02 The trouble with having an open mind — Bronwyn Williams (Flux Trends | Partner)

Fixing the world and breaking echo chambers "In this episode, my friend and speaking colleague Bronwyn Williams and I finally get around to solving all the world's problems, and in only 45 minutes or so. Bronwyn is a futurist, economist and trends analyst with over a decade’s experience in strategic management and foresight. She holds tertiary qualifications in Marketing Management (UJ), Economics (University of London), Foresight (University of Manchester), and Future Studies (University of Stellenbosch). She is currently completing a Master's in Applied Economics from the University of Bath. We both have ideas about how to address some of the world's most complicated problems, but they're seldom the same ideas. This has produced many interesting debates and rich conversations, and I hope this show is one of them."
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