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Natural 2 Natural
Natural 2 Natural
Simeko Hartley

A podcast dedicated to bringing women together to connect, share, cultivate a love for our beautiful kinky, coily, curly textured hair. And,... more

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Episode #7 - Her Hair-Story w/ Toia Barry

Have you ever experienced hair envy?! You know, desiring for your hair to be like someone else's...wanting their texture, their... more

12 Oct 2020 · 33 minutes
Episode # 6 - Her Hair Story w/ Corin Wright, Owner of Style Haven

Corin is an On-Set Tailor, Wardrobe Specialist, Entrepreneur, and a Fashion pundit. With over twenty years in the fashion industry,... more

17 Sep 2020 · 36 minutes
Episode #5 - Her Hair Story w/ Angela McKnight

Angela V. McKnight, NJ State Assemblywoman, Founder of AngelaCARES, a 501c3 nonprofit, and CEO of Thank HER Now. In 2019,... more

31 Aug 2020 · 31 minutes
Episode # 4 - Her Hair-Story w/ Sheran Pierre

Growing up, Sheran's aunt mostly did her hair. But her aunt didn't have enough patience to do my hair because... more

06 Aug 2020 · 28 minutes
Episode #3 - Her Hair-Story w/ Allyson Springett of Mystique Natural

Allyson's natural hair journey started when my white male endocrinologist asked me why black women relax their hair? She explained... more

22 Jul 2020 · 35 minutes
Meko's Minute - Exercising Benefits For Healthy Hair

Exercise is not just for looking good! It is great for feeling good and improving your overall health…which includes the... more

13 Jul 2020 · 1 minute
Episode #2 - Her Hair-Story w/Chrishan Wright of Blaxit US

Chrishan Wright is the founder of Blaxit US, a company dedicated to informing and empowering Black Americans interested in leaving... more

03 Jul 2020 · 32 minutes
Quarantined Self-Care

We have all been affected by being quarantined in some way.  For some of us, that includes our hair care... more

19 Jun 2020 · 8 minutes
Welcome To the Natural 2 Natural Podcast!

Welcome to the Natural 2 Natural Podcast! Join my Natural 2 Natural private Facebook community. 

11 Jun 2020 · 2 minutes
Natural 2 Natural
Episode #7 - Her Hair-Story w/ Toia Barry
Natural 2 Natural