Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood

Karen O'Connor
Dec 01, 2020 51 min

The Cheapest Way To Get Healthy (hint: it's not exercise!)

What do you do when you have a newborn baby, married to an elite athlete, on low single income while still having to provide highly nutritious meals on a very low budget? Find out how Sally Imeson created health & wellbeing for all her family, and how she survived domestic violence. Find out more here:
Nov 29, 2020 34 min

The Shocking Consequences Of A Cat Bite

How on earth does someone end up in hospital for three days, on IV antibiotics and with about 20 stitches from a cat bite? We want to know all the details.Come and join us for a bit of fun and a fair few gory details. Find out more here:
Nov 27, 2020 45 min

Illogical with Dawn Bates 7: Why religions are actually narcissistic parodies of their sacred texts

I've always been highly mistrustful of religions and "religious" people. I got clear on why in this conversation. This has to be in my top ten conversations of all time.Go here to connect with Dawn & I:
Nov 20, 2020 42 min

Illogical with Dawn Bates 6: What Happens When We Don't Value Ourselves

From racism to what happens when we undervalue ourselves, from blueberries to Ugg slippers. Join Dawn & Karen for another Illogical Order Of Life conversation.Go here to connect with both Dawn & Karen and to buy Dawn's books:
Nov 17, 2020 54 min

Why Burnout Can Be Deadly And How To Avoid It

For most of us, we expect to keep going until we drop, it's seen as a badge of honour. But what if it's actually killing us?Find out more and connect with Leah and I here:
Nov 13, 2020 38 min

Illogical with Dawn Bates 5: When Dawn discovers that her urine sparkle

This is definitely an episode of juxtapositions. We start by talking about the time Dawn discovered sparkles in her urine and end talking about how difficult it is to extract yourself from a narcissistic relationship. Find out more and connect with Dawn and I here:
Nov 10, 2020 42 min

How To Use Your THREE Different Brains

Did you know that we actually have THREE different brains... if only we could learn how to listen to and develop them. Find out how in this conversation with Heidi Goodman of Minds Connect.Connect with us both here:
Nov 06, 2020 53 min

Illogical with Dawn Bates #4: Do You Need To Switch Your Brain On?

This week’s The Illogical Order Of Life conversation is all about education, why some people are highly successful academically and yet they have zero common sense, why our education system isn't geared towards making people think and why people in general need to switch their brains on. Find out more and connect with us both here:
Nov 03, 2020 52 min

What It's Really Like When You Get Covid

Sick of lockdown and not being able to see your friends and family? Think that maybe it's time to get back to normal? So did we. Then Alan contracted Covid. Find out what's happened.Connect with us here:
Oct 30, 2020 43 min

Illogical with Dawn Bates #3: Why Judgement Is A Great Thing

We tend not to like judgement or being judgemental, and we can be criticised for it. But judging is actually crucial to our growth and development. Find out why. And stay tuned at the end of the podcast for a not-so-serious discussion of what Dawn & I would get up to if we went shopping!Connect with us here:
Menopause, Marriage and Motherhood
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